Monday, May 3, 2010

That's better.

I have finally, but finally, but finally finished one whole flower bed. I'm so proud of me. Wanna see the before and after? Here's a quickie rehash of the progression. This was the back of our house shortly after we moved in. Holy wonder I was crazy back then (unlike now).

Then Jackdaddy designed the patio, and things started rolling along. I'm not even dreaming of landscaping at this point.

Now we're getting somewhere! The patio is up, but things still look unfinished. This is when I start thinking about gardening...landscaping...decorating with plants...a whole new world! Some poor guy in my neighborhood had an entire yard of century plants. Needless to say, his yard was a combat zone. He finally got out there with some friends and waged war. It really did look like a battlefield. He said whoever wanted one could come and get it. I had always really, really wanted one, so I did, and there she is. That's all that was there for a looooong time. Then, I copied Pam and got my bottle tree going. You can just see the post behind the agave.

Then I realized I need a border. Something to define the area. (I'm reeeeally new to this) I just love this brown metal trim. I do not love paying for it. You know I am a thrifty gardener, but sometimes a girls gotta to do what a girls gotta do, right? That stuff makes such a neat, clean border. This neat-cleaness is the direct opposite of most of my yard which falls into the messy-skanky-but-loved- and- used category. It's starting to look kinda nice at this point, but still a long way from finished.

This weekend I got out there and finished that damn bed up! I tried to finish it last month, but I made all kinds of mistakes and everything went to hell and so I had to try again this month. This time I got it right. Ha! Lots of butterfly weed (my favorite) and butterfly bush (supposed to be red...came out purple..sigh) to attract the lovely wildlife. Some flagstone pieces to designate a path (let's see if the dogs and the kids get the hint) with lots of bulbine alongside it. My one remaining Pride of Barbados is just a teeny, tiny Lazarus right now, but it should be kicking by late summer and that will look bitchin'. Those to-die-for cobalt blue birdbaths that I pick up every spring at HEB look wonderful against the hot colors. May I just digress for a moment to sing the praises of the blue HEB birdbaths? Man, I love those things. I hope to have a yard full of them someday. Fingers crossed that HEB keeps carrying them. They usually sell out in about 14 seconds, but there are still some green (yum)and some brown (yum yum) ones left at the store on Burnet. I fill mine up with rocks as they are actually too deep. I noticed that the birds were not using it much at first, but once I put the rocks in it, they came back big time. The rocks give them a place to stand in the deep, slippery bowl.

Ta Da!!! The cool blues of the bird bath and the bottle tree calm my garden down a little. I like HOT, hot, hot. Everything I have is red, orange or yellow. I do have a 2 pink (eek!) rose bushes in my back bed (and the mislabeled new butterfly bushes), but they came with the house. Nothing I can do about them except live with it. At least my MIL appreciates them ... as soon as they bloom, I run out there with scissors and cut them off as fast as I can. She gets the roses and I get back to my HOTS.
Anyhoo, I'm finished! Only took me 3 years. Yep, I'm that good.


  1. Super!! LOVE the flagstone path. I love pathways, never straight and narrow. Your bulbine will quickly take over your path, so you might want to move them back about a foot. Love red bowling ball. You should put in on one of those gazing ball stands to get them elevated. Perty!! And I'm totally stealing your garish blue bird feeder-shadow box-display idea.

  2. I love your yard - it is just awesome.

  3. I love the flagstone path too! That was the best thing for that bed. I actually want the bulbine to cover it up a bit. Plus, they're so easy to divide that once they get too big, I'll steal some for other parts of the yard. Come by and get some crossvie, would ya?

    Corrick - xoxoxo

  4. It looks absolutely terrific! And you're finished? No way. No gardener is every completely finished. You can come and do a bed for me next! ;-) Laura

  5. Chile of mine you are so totally awesome. How about, in your spare time (haha), coming here and doing my yard? I figure four years and $10,000. might just about do it right.

  6. It looks better and better and better. I think the definition of the bed creats order out of chaos. I want stepping stones too. I would love to have all beds, paths and no none nada grass but this prolly won't happen.

  7. Love the cool blues against the warm granite and the bulbine blooms will be fabulous all summer. You deserve loads of pats on the back though sitting and enjoying your handiwork will probably be reward aplenty. Yay for Finished For Now!

  8. Love the cobalt blues! Also thanks so much for telling us about the bird baths at the HEB (and for the tip about putting rocks in them!). You know the ones at HEB are $40 and they have the EXACT same ones at the Great Outdoors for $99! You are quite the "yardener!"

  9. I think it looks fantastic. Love what you've done with the house too!

  10. It is wonderful! And three years? Hey, it takes me three years to figure out what I want to do. It is a work of art.

    And yes, the birds & insects like some rocks in the baths. They get slimy so I scrub everything down with a sink or bathroom brush.

    Where did you get your edging? And how did you install it so it stays put?

  11. I'm been wanting to put some beds into my (newish) Austin yard as well. Where did you get the metal edging? I've seen it in a bunch of yards, but not in stores... I love your new bed!

    (Been lurking on your blog for a while now, I really enjoy your style.)

  12. bottle tree. got to git me one of dem!!!


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