Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More sun.

It worked! The pain and suffering of moving the raised beds from where I wanted them to be to where they wanted to be has paid off apparently. See all those yummy (still green but chug chug chugging along) tomatoes? I have never had much success with them in the past due to the circle of mostly trash trees that canopies my yard. I managed to find a tiny little spot to squeeeeze them into and they are tres happy.
What's that you say? Wherever did I get that dreamy blue Adirondack chair? La La La, lucky me. My friend Dawn moved to Portland (oh, Portland, how I love thee) and I got to inherit TWO of these chairs along with TWO baby ones. OMG the baby ones are soooo cute. All of those are painted white, but this one...oh, this one is such a lovely robin's egg blue. I've got to scrape off some paint so I can match it. I must have them all this same color. I feel like I must have everything be this color. I go through color phases, you know. Well, I should say that I am hardly ever not in a robin's egg blue phase, really. Can you see what I'm holding in my hand? A large gumdrop with a candle in it. That was part of my blog's birthday celebration. Luna ate it. All of it. The gumdrop with the candle in it. Gotta love a Labrador.

LOOK how big my blackberries are! (TWSS) (If you don't know what that means, you have to Google it. Hee Hee.) They are also deeeelicous. The planting of the blackberry bush was one of my early gardening, uh, miscalculations, let's say. I planted the blackberry bush right next to a rose bush right next to the path where I walk 2,000 times a day. So, now, 2,000 times a day, one of these two stickery things reaches out and attacks me. They also grab my hair whenever I am weeding (ha ha) and I dissolve into howls of pain as I go to stand up only to find that my head is being ripped backwards because my hair is all stuck in the branches. I continue to do this on a semi-regular basis. Good times.

Purty, purty, huh? I had to move a bunch of peppers today because, thinking that I was not really going to get any tomatoes as usual, planted them right on in there with the maters. I'll be damned if those tomatoes didn't take right off and now the peppers are about 4" tall and 'bout half dead. They perked right up when I got them in some sun. It's always something with gardening, isn't it? You get the tomatoes down and damn if the peppers aren't screwed. So it goes.

Just a little shot of my pretty green pot with some succulents in it. I wanted a Meyer lemon tree to go in this pot, but my allowance seems to disappear long before I get to the lemon aisle (whatever that may be). I also have a heart attack when I see a $41.00 price tag on any plant. (Any plant except my $200 bamboo that I am still saving for.) For now I'm giving in to my succulent obsession. Actually, I really just have a Ghost Plant (Graptopetalum paraguayense) collection. I am obsessed with succulents, but somehow I've ended up with 574,293,999 Ghost Plants. Basically, you can throw them on the ground, spit on them, walk on them, and in about 4 days there will be a whole new one growing. I like that in a plant. You can also break them off very easily if you happen to be walking down the road and someone has 584,455,222 of them growing in the front yard by the curb. Not that I would ever do that...I'm just sayin'. I'm gonna put some Silver Ponyfoot in there and maybe a big showy Bromeliad too. Udij;at943p32qdlkj; (Ak! Kitty on the keyboard...gotta go.)

PS I'm going to get 2 chickens tomorrow! Stay tuned.
PPS I put a picture of myself in here today because someone, I won't say who, Bob, told me at a recent gathering that I looked much larger on my blog than in real life. I'm just glad it was that way instead of the other way around, if you know what I'm sayin'.


  1. Oh hi! I just found your blog through a Google Alert I have set up for "succulents"!!! Love this post, and can't wait to read more of your blog! I, too am growing a home garden, have succulentss, and I love blackberries, although I am afraid they don't grow well here...although you look like you are in a tropical area somewhere (I am in south Florida)...I need to look around more here! I am growing Bush Tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets, and seem to just love my little patch of heaven! Come over and visit me sometime!!! See ya around...

  2. Just how much work are you going to get done now you have that great chair! Luscious blackberries. Great raised beds-those will last a lifetime and more. Succulents- love them to but have to keep all mine in the shade. Texas sun seems to be too much for them.

  3. O_O I am so jealous of your blackberries! They look amazing. Good to know that you can break off a piece of Ghost Plants if you see one while walking down the street... Not that I would do it... :D

  4. I am so excited to see the path and the boxed around beds. You are making order out of chaos and I love seeing the progress. It's so organic and flowing and yet the path and beds give it form and substance.

  5. That's loverly! I see that you have used some big honkin' posts to make your raised beds, which is a good idea. With watering and sun and all, my thinner wood will need to be replaced sooner than yours, I imagine.

    My tomatoes are coming in to, but always plagued by the Stink Bug posse. I had declared an end to growing tomatoes last year, but I couldn't resist trying again. But the Stinkers are back, and they may win again...

  6. Wow, your tomatoes look great! Do you feed them? Water how often? I need tips, mine look...ok, but lacking.

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous! That chair is delicious and I'll bet those 'maters are, too! I wish you would post a pic of your entire back yard because it's hard to get an idea of what the overall layout looks like. I'm dying to see it.

  8. Hi there! I wanted to tell you I answered your question on my blog (with a link and everything!) I also wanted tell you that went to see a community presentation of Peter Pan recently and all I could think was "Why didn't I think to put Peter's shadow on the side of my house?? That's so freakin' cool!" Oh - and love the pig!

  9. You told me that you didn't have much for gardens. Liar, Liar, pants on fire. They look pretty darn good to me. That raised bed looks great, I bet that was a Jackdaddy idea. You've nevr shown the path before either, are you getting ready for a tour?

  10. Oh, I forgot to say how petite and svelte you look. In fact I can hardly see you. I think the word I'm looking for is miniscule.

  11. I'm as baffled as anyone as to how I have tomatoes.'s a miracle. Only one has been eaten by something other than a human so far. My peaches, on the other hand, are all shriveling and dying before my very eyes.

    Wicked Gardener - what is your name? Thank you for the info...I'm off to look. Paint that Pan! Do it, do it! god, how I adore you. You made me spit my coffee all over the computer table. Love, Miss Miniscule.

    Lynell - I prefer to keep the illusion that my yard looks great all over. Really, my yard MOSTLY looks like hell. I just keep showing the good areas.

  12. TWO baby chairs?? Now you need another baby! ;-)

  13. Hi.

    This is my take on Bob's (everybody is larger) comment...He also said to me that my youngest hobbit had a big elongated looking head on my blog!...I have a theory on this Alice in Wonderland syndrome:

    Err.. Bob, you have your screen resolution set to some weird setting that is either elongating everybody or making them look wide or short. Yes YOU are stretching the proportions of reality! :-) Not us bloggers!!!

    Oh, I almost forgot to say: your blackberries are totally outrageous!



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