Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy: Numero Dos.

(I couldn't very well call it, Happy Number Two, now could I? Heeeeeeeee.)
We just got home from camping so we are a happy home and happy to be home. The wildflowers and the butterflies were out. of. control. Never, never have I seen either of them so prolific! I was mesmerized the entire time. My boys were entranced the first 200 times I asked them to, "LOOK!" After that ... not so much.
I'll show you some stuff later. I'm off to scrub the grit and grime off.


  1. I love your blue door:) Where did you go camping?

    Oh yea, would Finn like some bunnies? My girls refuse to take the responsibility they "promised" they would...anyway, just asking:)

    Happy Monday to you, even though it's Tuesday now.

    We need to have a beer-Monday soon.


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