Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Number Four

Half price day at Savers - the best store in the WORLD.
Mounds of clothes, including a vintage Vanity Fair nightgown (breathe...breathe...), two pairs of semi-slut shoes, two precious little drinking glasses - one monogrammed with an "F" (for FinnigantheCurious), and last, but not least, two glass decanters. I have been wanting to start collecting little vintage drinking glasses. When I saw these two decanters I realized they would be puuuurfect for refilling the tiny glasses.
Girl, this kind of stuff rocks my world and makes me so happy. I'm embarrassed to tell you how much it all cost. Less than a dinner at a cheap restaurant. Really cheap.
I'm pleasantly sunburned, swimming tired, and hungry as all get out. Hope your Memorial Day was wonderful too.


  1. We don't have that store, Savers! Sadly! I love the feling of being swimming tired!!!

  2. I just signed up for Saver's emails and specials. Thanks for the tip! Your decanters are so...something. I can see Rhett Butler reaching for one as he waits for Scarlet. Or something like that. ;-)

  3. Would you hurry up and post a new entry please?? Jeez, you gotta keep the readers happy. It's been a week already, c'mon! ;-)


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