Friday, April 30, 2010

Making Yart.

Oh, yesterday was one of those perfect days for me. 

The weather was lovely; not too hot, slightly overcast, nice breeze. 

My mother's helper, Monk the Magnificent, was here all day. (Dig that bitchin' name. He's named for Thelonius cool is that?) I gotta tell ya...all mama's need a break, but homeschooling mamas really need a break. Monk is the answer to all our prayers. He comes over on Thursdays and plays all day long with FinnigantheCurious. Play, play, play, that's all they do. 

Garden, garden, garden, that's all I do. (Well, sometimes I clean, clean, clean, but I don't really like those days, and I certainly wouldn't bother writing about them!) 

Anyhoo, yesterday I got my art jones on and was a busy bee.

I have The Uglies running along both sides of my house . I have a plan for one side. The other side won't budge in my brain, but I'm working on it. The west side is actually not too bad. It's very shaded and kind of...oh, tropical-ish. I call it Memory Lane because it reminds me of where I'm from (Beaumont). It's all cool and shady and wet over there. 

Mr. Luetkenholter (the original owner) put in some ferns and monkey grass and whatnot. There's a crepe myrtle in there that hasn't been trimmed in 400 years (you can imagine how attractive it is). There's a nandina that I cannot bring myself to rip out because the wrens love, love, love it so. It's their secret hideout, plus it's right by our dining room windows and I love, love, love to watch them flitter and flirt about. 

So, what I'm saying is, this area has some potential. I've always known that I was going to turn it into a bird sanctuary, I just wasn't sure what that meant. I mean, it's already that...I just want to yart it up and put in some new plants, and make it looked loved instead of lonely...which is how it looks now.

Before I go any further...would someone please come over and replace that window trim with the new fancy window trim and paint it brown? 

That damn window has gone on to the "someday" list. 

Where was I? 

Oh, so one of the things that I've been planning for this space is to put in several bird feeders up on some posts. (For some reason we have lots of random posts around here.) 

I had the idee to make little altars out of bird feeders. 

My daddy loved birds and he always had a bird feeder at his apartments. (Such a dear thing he was.) 

I've been thinking this area would be wonderful as a memorial to him as well as a bird haven. 

 Look at this clever little thing I came up with:

Cheapo cedar feeders from Lowe's with a wabi-sabi paint job, some photographs, and some trinkets that belonged to my daddy. 

He loved little trinkets like this and I was always just fascinated with the stuff he had. He had a gazillion little Buddhas, and owls, and Catholic saints, and butterflies, and birds. 

I have them all now, and I am forever trying to find a space for them. 

Isn't this just cuteashell

 It looks hilarious when it's filled with seed. St. Francis' head just barely sticks out like he's enduring death by seed. (He would have liked that, I bet. Wasn't he into that hairshirt business?) 

 I had decided to paint them all a different color, but then I got two of them out there yesterday, and now I think they look kind of garish so I'm going to paint them the same color as the house. 


Here's the long shot from the other side:

I don't know what I'm going to plant in there yet. It barely gets any direct sun at all due to the overgrown trees right outside the fence...what the hell are they called?...oh, Arizona Ash. I love them. I know everybody else hates them. I love them. Those things were on death's door during the drought last summer. I mean, I was absolutely, positively sure they were going to simply fall over in the street. Now, after some good rain, they are just as lush and pretty as a peach again. 

Anyway, I'll figure it out and let you know when I get it done. 

 Can you see that precious little bird bath on the right? 

Miss Eleanor of Garden of E gave me that. I didn't even know her then. She put it up for grabs on our neighborhood garden club list serve and I got to snag it. 

 It is just the most adorable thing you've ever seen with a tiny fountain and a soft light for evening time. 

Thank you, Miss E. The wrens love it too.

And, last, but so not least, I finally got around to putting my first silhouette on the house. 

I. Love. Silhouettes. I have every intention of putting them all over the house.  

The mermaid was my first one, but she's now covered up by the BD fence, poor thing. 

Not to be deterred, I've been busy designing more! 

 Do stop and peek when you walk by as they will be showing up here and there. 

 Here's the one I just semi-finished (he still needs a touch-up, but you know how that goes...):

Could you faint? 

Could you just die

Up, up, and awayyyyyy!


  1. I LOVE the way your spirit comes through your house. xoxoD

  2. I love all the things you are doing to your house. You are doing what all WANT to do but just don't have the nerve.

  3. I too love it all. Especially the bird feeders. I have two and they are full of big birds, little birds and birds in between. Hungry little buggers. I feed them twice a day. I can't wait to see what happens next wabi-sabi.

  4. Utterly charming. I love how you positioned Peter so perfectly, with one foot on the hose and leaning in toward the window.

    But what's the poor mermaid covered up with?

  5. Thanks for all the nicey nice, y'all.

    Ms. Mudd...I am going BROKE feeding the birds. Broke, I tell ya!

    Pam...the mermaid is now hidden behind our Branch Davidian gate. I call it the BD gate so as not to offend any BD that might be reading my blog. hee hee. It's just a huge, overdone metal fence/gate a' la Jackdaddy.

    Merrymerry...I'm gonna come in the dark of night and paint something on your house.

    Corricks...You know I wanted to paint my house fire engine red, don't you? You know who said you know what.

  6. LOVE the Pan, man. That is some awesome shit. Just today the kids and I were talking about painting fun things on our garage door.

  7. The Peter Pan could not have been positioned better! One foot on the hose hanger, one foot coming out of the pail, and he's peering through the window, coming to take Finn (maybe the whole dang fangly) off to Never-Neverland!

  8. Blogs like yours make me consider moving to Texas!!!

  9. Your yar and gardens are so pretty! Love Peter flitting about! Love your house color, and your birdhouses! The side gardens are just lovely!!!

  10. that is SOOOOO cool! love the orange hose, the amazine pan shadow and another of those bottle trees. being from southern california, i can say this, AWESOME!!


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