Friday, April 2, 2010

Like butta.

We made butter! Made! Isn't it beautiful? We took a field trip out to Pioneer Farms and the ladies told me how. It's soooo hard, you should probably not try it, but I'll tell you anyway just for kicks. Get some cream, pour it in a glass jar, put the lid on, shakeshakeshake. That's it! I just think that is so crazy, man. Shake the cream, make the butter. Creamy, sweet yellow butter. The word that comes to mind is - slather. Well, that and cellulite, but who wants to think of that? Not I, and hopefully not you either.


  1. When I was young my Grandmother would let my sister and me put cream in a jar and roll it back and forth to each other. We did and Voila! BUTTER!!

  2. I want hair that color.

    Really mama? That is such a sweet memory. I couldn't believe that it really worked! About 14 minutes and chug chug chug.

  3. If you want hair that color all you have to do is spend hours and lots of $$$$ at the hair salon and it will be just like butta. Then, of course, you will need brown contact lens


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