Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rub a dub.

Grrrr...Blogger. I've been trying to post a video of our new goldfish for a week and it still won't post. Grrrr. I'm giving up and moving on. SO...
We got a new toy on la la. Something we should have gotten a long time ago. Well, actually, we were going to get it, but we decided instead to get this:

Big ass stock tank. The stock tank that was going to be a hot tub. That tank has been sitting in our yard for a couple of years and all we've managed to do is fill it up in the summer with cold water and then sit there freezing our asses off. The metal really, really holds the temperature of the water. Did I mention that I hate cold water? I hate cold water. I swam in Barton Springs once. I know, sacrilege. Whatever, I hate cold water. Jackdaddy was going to put in a tankless water heater, and we were gonna build a stone tower thing for the water to cascade out of, and we were gonna, and we were gonna, and we were gonna. So on Sunday we went and bought this!

We've had a hot bath in it almost every night since. The long, gloriously deep claw foot tub is truly the answer to the outdoor hot bath dream. There is just nothing like an outdoor bath or shower...truly. We still have to do a lot of fixing up of the area and the faucet stuff and all that jazz, but it is very functional as is. I'm working hard to keep Jackdaddy from too crazy with the refurbishing. I like it just the way it is...kinda rusty, kinda beat up, very wabi-sabi. Oooo I just love it! I felt sorry for the stock tank, but he went to a good home at my friend Stacy's house. She's going to turn him into a lovely planter for her hell strip. And for a total non sequitur...

LOOK HOW MANY PEACHES I HAVE THIS YEAR!!!! Oh. mah. gawd!!!! It was the freeze that did it. When we first bought this house I remember researching peach trees and reading that they did best when there was a hard freeze in the winter. Girl, this tree is absolutely groaning with the weight of all the peaches. I'm serious! We're having to prop branches up with big sticks and the peaches are still falling off. There are hundreds...literally! You talk about Suzy Homemaker...I'm gonna can peaches and make peach ice cream and peach cobbler and peach jelly and peach something or another. I went from two peaches last year to the mother load. Watch out Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker!


  1. Ba ha ha ha! I think your peach projects are also the 'I'm gonna and I'm gonna and I'm gonna." Bless you for your enthusiasm though. I'll be expecting to come pick at your house for free in a few months. ;-) Love the tub! kat

  2. You got peaches !! Lucky Lucky Lucy. My little satsuma I planted last year is still very vague and I lost my Japanese Plum tree to the freeze. And so, I love your tub and hot water. Cold water or even cool water gives me the iks.

  3. The tub is pretty cool.--It's got my vote! I've got claw foot tubs in my house (no showers), and they are great for long soaks. Am working on installing an outdoor shower though for summer so I can recycle my water to water my fruit trees. Maybe you could drain your water on your peach tree?

    Mmmmm: peach jam, peach pie, peach pancakes, peach cobbler, peach ice cream. Have fun! Laura

  4. Once, long ago, I bought a bushel of peaches and did all the things you are going to do. It was a wonderful experience. I am envious of your tree. I do have a mulberry tree that is loaded with mulberries. It is for the birds. They love it.
    Your tub is wonderful. I am so happy you found one. It looks great as is in my opinion.

  5. Waaaaah! We planted our first peach tree this year, and it was just covered with baby peaches. I mean COVERED. Then I made the mistake of going on line to research how to care for a baby peach tree. Know what they told me? The first year you have to pick all those peaches off before they grow! The most painful thing I ever did. Now, just you wait. I bet you anything that next year the weather will be crap and we probably won't get more than a couple!

  6. That's one fine bathtub Michelle! My peach, loquat and apricot are all loaded...we finally got enough frost days this winter...and bless the rain! When it gets well over 100 degrees this summer, give me a call and I'll brave Barton Springs with you:)

  7. Outstanding peach crop, my dear! And nice tub!

  8. Nice! We've been talking about an outdoor tub or stock tank for a long time too. Oh and a shower. But I like cold water in the summer and hot in the winter. Glad to hear that stock tanks hold the temp of both. Hmmm.

    Where do I get one of them Jackdaddys anyway?!

    Oh, and your peaches I am envious of. Mine always sprout sores and leak ooze and just taunt me with their peachness. I never have gotten one good peach of that damn tree. Fungus, pests, snails. Who knows...


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