Friday, April 30, 2010


Payday! Please tell me I'm not the only one who runs out and buys plants on payday. Surely, surely, (don't call me Shirley) I am not alone in this madness. I was short on time today so I went to Shoal Creek Nursery. They had those teeny, tiny succulent babies for only $1.99. Ooo, I just love succulents. I am completely smitten by them. I've been eyeing this spot outside my fence line that needed a little something. A little decomposed granite, a little sand, a little soil, a little silver pony foot, a few succulents and, Voila!, cute, cute, cuteness. It's gonna be about 13 seconds before some child steps on it or some dog poops on it, but what the hell. It's the bees knees right now.

Look who's alive!!!!! Oh. mah. gawd. I just cannot believe it, y'all. When I was at SCN today I reeeeeally wanted to buy a Pride of Barbados, but ouchee wah wah...expensive. I had two, and one died in the freeze. Wait, that's giving it away. I had two, but the freeze killed them. But...but, then... I came home and starting placing things in the beds to see what went best where (is there anything in the world more fun than this?) and I found this little sucker alive and kickin'! I am just pleased as punch. I am so, so, so glad I didn't dig this up yet. I had decided to wait until payday so that I would have something new to put there. Yeehawww! I am one proud mama.

Have a good weekend! I'm hoping our chikkin coop will get finished so I can show you. Y'all send good chikken coop building vibes this way, OK?


  1. I was worried about my lantana and my Katy Ruellas not coming back after the hard winter but voila! there they are. My bouganvilla (Phoenix) did not make it though. Sigh.
    Maybe you can play Good Vibrations by the BeeGees to get the chicken coop finished?

  2. Oh good! I just saw my ruellas come up too! I would have thought they would come up earlier as hearty as they are. My bouganvillas did not make it either. boo hoo. I just moved them last spring and they were sooo happy.

  3. Wellsir mine everything started screaming for water. I took ONE (maybe two) days off and so many things started to crisp up. They are potted and just slup water. I can never rest every again until forever.


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