Thursday, April 8, 2010

All Qs and no As.

I'm sure you're not surprised to learn that I have a plant in my yard that I have no idea what it is. And if that's not silly enough for you, get this, I was the one who bought and planted it! Hoohaw...some gardener I am. Every now and then when I am with Jackdaddy at one of the BBS, I find myself being sucked into the garden area (I'll do anything to avoid being in the lumber area for more than 13 seconds). Now, I am not totally opposed to shopping for plants there, but I try not to go too overboard. This funky guy was in the miscellaneous cacti
area, and I just felt like he needed a home. Y'all have any idea what it is?
I hope he's one of those things that has a "trunk" with a big shock of Mohawk hair on top. You think he might be one?

When we bought this house, there was an old rose garden right in the middle of the backyard. I suppose it was a good spot originally, but you know how stuff grows. What was probably a brand new Catalpa tree then, is now about 50 feet tall (and ragged as hell), and the roses were suffering from way too much shade. Now, I hate to admit it, but I am not really a rose girl. (If you are a rose fan, you might wanna cover your ears for the next bit of news.) Being that I was a brand new gardener (unlike now, har, har) I just dug them all up, dug some new holes, and stuck them in there. I even left them sitting around for a few days while I got around to digging the new holes. Lordy, Lordy. No good soil, no compost, no mulch, no food, no nothing - just stuck 'em in there. And guess what? They grow so fast I have to chop them down to the nubs every Valentine's Day or they'll just take over the beds. I swear! They did great. I've grown to like them very much for this reason, among others. Pretty on the outside and tough on the inside - my kinda gals. I've decided I'd like to know what kind they are. Anybody know what this one is? Sweet and small and soooo fragrant.

Now, I do suppose it's time to give up on plants that are not showing signs of recovery from the freeze, right? My dilemma is this - I have so many weeds coming up that I'm not sure if the plants are coming back or if there are just weeds in the area. Like you think this is my Esperanza (Yellow Bell) coming back or just a weed? The stalks are all dead, but when I dig down and make a little scratch, it looks like there is green down there. AK, what to do? Kill and regret or be patient? I must admit I am leaning towards homicide rather than patience. I hate to wait. Poop on patience, I say.

I found this poor thing on the side of the road. Another woman, in a cute Subaru with cool bumper stickers, checked him out first and decided to pass. (Cuter and smarter, I presume.) I pulled in right behind her and scooped him up. He was (and should be) an indoor plant and all his roots were just coagulated into one big ball. I put him right next to the outdoor shower in a spot that gets good, filtered sun, and I bet he'll do OK.
I feel the slippery slope under my feet getting more and more slippery. The one that starts with, "No plants that need covering in the winter shall live in my yard." Then I got that damn Fairy Duster that I just could not say no to, and now this guy. I said pretty much the same damn thing about pets and now we've got a new kitty and chikkins on the way. I'm a pushover. (As if you didn't know that already.) Uh, anyway, what was I saying? Oh, do you think this is a Cane Yucca? I like him. I hope he makes it. Course, as always, no sweat if he doesn't. That's the way it goes at the wabi-sabi house.

The chikkin coop is going up! Hoohaw...can't wait to show you.


  1. Wait! Wait! Are you really getting chikkens??? I'm so excited
    and I can't wait to see them. As for your tough roses, that's the only kind I like. I pick mine as soon as they blossom and bring them into the house. I don't have any tiny vases so I put them in my 1/4 measuring cup!

  2. We are, ms. mud!!! woo hoo, can you believe it? You know what? I'm gonna start picking my roses too. I keep my Izze bottles and I'll put them in that. great idee!

  3. I think that first one might be a sotol (makes crazywicked liquor) or a yucca, it's hard to tell. xoxoD


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