Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where is Miss E?

Are you ready to be envious?
I mean greeeeen? Really, really, really green?
Look what I stumbled upon when FinnigantheCurious and I were downtown...

EEEK! Could you die? I know you could, but say so anyway. OH. MAH. GAWD. y'all.
Every Tuesday Finny and I take the bus downtown to eat out, and sight-see, and whatnot. This week, for some reason, he asked to go into Urban Outfitters (Oh, please no, don't make me go into Urban Outfitters! Oh, very well. I'll do it for you, darling, and only for you.). We moseyed up the stairs because those are some fun stairs for a 6-year old boy (and his mama) to where all the trendy and fun housewares are. I found the clearance wall and there. they. were! Clearance, honey, clearance. Clearance as in 4 bucks each. I had to sit down to stop from passing out with joy. All the "E"s were gone, but I don't care. I'll find something cool, I just know it. I seriously thought about just buying everything they had. Oh, the "C"s were awesome...tangerine colored! Oh, and the "H"s were the palest robin's egg blue. Drool and sigh. Damn, was this good shopping karma or whut? Look at those colors! Oh, colorcolorcolorcolor...I love color. I can't stop taking them out of the bag and stroking them, cooing over them, adoring them, obsessing over them.
Just so you don't think I am totally a woman of leisure, and a spendthrift to boot, I can report that I have also been working like a spring yardening madwoman. That's why the blog posts have been so few and far's spring, dammit! No time for computers. All available time must be spent in garden. Here's some little stuff to show you:

Isn't that cute as pie? That stuff is some kind of car parts. I think. I got them at this crazy bone yard thing place in California. I love the juxtaposition of the metal and the plant. Tres wabi-sabi, if I do say so myself.

Natural Gardener got all my allowance in one fell swoop. All of it. On payday, no less. I'll be whining in a few weeks when I really want something else, but today it was oh so fun. I had a little splurge on this plant called, Fairy Duster (Calliandra). I'd never seen this before and I just fell in love with it. With a name like that, who could resist? I'll have to keep it pruned in the spot that I put it in, and it's cold hardy only about 25, but even I, of high-level laziness can prune and cover every now and then. Fingers crossed I get a fairy visit soon.

I. love. them. I scour Craigslist and yard sales for them all the time, but those suckers don't come cheap. I have such a fantasy of lining a whole bed with colored bowling balls. Guess how much these were? Just guess. Freeeeeeeeeee. Now you're really cursing my name with envy, aren't you? Jackdaddy was in the dog house about something. I can't remember now exactly why, although I'm sure I was right and he was wrong. Anyway, I was fully enjoying being cross when home he comes with a fried avocado taco from Torchy's AND some bowling balls that were on the side of the road. I *%& you not. Dog house closed! What a man, what a man. I'm on an amazing run!
Y'all lemme know if you see an E, OK? Not an O or a K, but an E.

PS I'd almost forgotten how impossible it is to type with a small kitten running amok on the keyboard. Almost as impossible as typing with a small child running amok.


  1. Natural gardener got most of my allowance last month! This month the chicken coop will probably get it! (Chicken coop embellisments, as it is going to be an "art" coop!)

  2. I am GREEN (there, said it) over your garden letters. I love them. Where are you going to put them?

    Barton Springs Nursery got most of my gardening allowance last month, though I spread some around to Natural Gardener and Great Outdoors also. Oh yeah, and HD for mulch.

  3. Michele, why don't you just make an "E"?

  4. I already started an E search for you on e-Bay. :-)

    Search #1, Type in Large Letter E
    Search #2, Type in Wood E.

    I found several cheap wooden E's as in $1.00-$4.20.

    I also saw some plastic E's in the Large Letter E search for $6.95.

    Of course, you may prefer to find your E locally and that's good too.

    I've yet to spend my garden allowance...Well, actually that depends upon how you look at it. Am renting a boom (sp?) this week to pull the ball moss out of a group of my trees. That's what I'll do Monday & Tuesday. Laura

  5. I kinda like it spelled without an E. More funky. Or maybe you could put an apostrophe there, so they know you left it out on purpose. Was just drooling over fairy duster at the feed store this morning, but talked myself out of it. I always think I'm going to cover stuff up when it gets too cold, but then I say "Screw the plants, I'm stayin' in here by the fire!" I do love the way the blooms look like cute little berries before they open.

  6. OOoo, such fun ideas for Miss E. I might just make one. OMG maybe a bottle cap one. I have seven million bottle caps from a not-yet-begun project! oooo weeeeee.

    Laura, you are such a kind soul to force yourself to play, uh, I mean, look on ebay for me. I tried doing that and ended up buying a $20 napkin ring. Ebay is dangerous for me. lol.
    On that note, I've been thinking of making a wreath out of moss balls.

  7. I don't understand. When I make crazy things to put in the yard they come out looking like s--- but you can make your garden lovely. I obviously did not inherent your talent. Oh well, maybe next time.
    So it goes.

  8. PS How about 16,538,722 gum balls that are on the ground in my yard? I would be more than happy to give them to you or anyone else who might want some. hhslpt

  9. Maybe gumball soup? Maybe we can find a way for cars to run on gumballs?

  10. If you can find a way to make cars run on gumballs just call me and I will supply you with all you can use.
    The money we make can go to having a castle garden but I want a moat.

  11. You should hang your letters on the fence and paint the E in, then you can glue stuff in the E, like bits of glass and marble, or rocks and sticks, etc. Or leve it blank, and when someone asks where your E went, you can say "use your e-magination!" ba ha ha ha!


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