Thursday, March 11, 2010


At last! At last! Spring has sprung. Oh, I know not to put the sweaters up yet, but who can resist the warmth? The sun? The bees and the tiny buds? The weeds.
Jackdaddy was resigned kind enough to break down the old raised beds which were not getting enough sun, reconfigure them, and help move them into a new spot. This is my last try at a spring/summer garden. If sun is not the issue, I am just going to be a fall veggie girl for good. I can do nothing more than I have done: raised beds, $400 per yard soil, $500 per yard compost, water timers, blah, blah, blah. I'm pretty sure sun is the culprit though (pleasepleaseplease). This is one of the old beds. This one was spared by a few days as it still has some yummy lettuce and broccoli in it.

Old bed carcass. Mmm, manly man leg and crowbar.

Ooo pretty, pretty! Aren't they gorgeous? Finally, something to sit on top of the mulch which is sitting on top of the cardboard which is sitting on top of a yard full of weeds which is sitting on top of a yard full of formerly dead soil.

THIS is the product of my third year of trying to grow carrots. As I was moving the soil from the old bed to the new beds, I found these tiny things. WHY can everyone else grow carrots? Why, I ask you, why? I'm going to bribe Iris from Society Garlic to come over and make mine grow like hers. If she doesn't I will pout and kvetch and whine until someone does so, watch out.

Plants from the Sunshine Garden's Plant Sale. Is that the cutest place in the world? Every time I go there I get all teary at the sweetness and beauty and earthiness of it all. Makes me love the world so ... all those babies and old people and young people trying to make the Earth a better place. Sniff.

First casualty. See the empty tomato cage? There was a tomato in there. I emphasize the word was. I don't know who got it, but my money is on a squirrel. Ratbastard. Warthog. Villain. Poopyhead.

My new herb bed. When I broke down the old veggie bed, I had this Shangri-Lah patch of yummy earth left behind so I decided to put the herbs in there. I had a bunch of branches and stones in my crap pile and they made a sweet, natural looking border for it.

Can anyone tell me what this stuff is? Is this what they call duckweed? I really like it. I let it grow wild. I have a feeling it is taking over, but I still like far.

*Note* My dear neighbor, friend, and Master Gardener, Elaine says this about the mystery plant: Your mystery plant is Dichondra (don't know what species). It's a little
ground cover that reproduces by stolons. It always stays small but can make
an attractive clump in a season. It doesn't seem to be bothered by drought,
cold, a little foot traffic, or regular watering. It looks quite nice in
between paving stones. I have some growing at the corner of one of my front
beds and I like the look of it, so I refer to it as groundcover instead of a
weed. It's related to pony foot.
Thanks Ms. E!

Last, but not least, a word to the wise - proofreading is valuable in the garden as well as on the blog. Or maybe I was just feeling some love for the beautiful rocket gate that Jackdaddy made so many years ago when the dogs were babies. Keeping it close, like a Mama should.
(I think it might be hard to says: KEEP GATE CLOSE)


  1. I think it's ponyfoot. But I could be wrong...

  2. Looks like dichondra to me. I always get it confused with dollar weed.

  3. I have dichondra and ponyfoot, both bought, and this stuff as well, which arrived on it's own....I was hoping someone could ID it as soon as I saw the picture. I let it stay, too, as it's so cool looking, and so far it hasn't been problematic. It kind of goes away once the heat sets in.

  4. Ido so feel your pain. But if the raised beds don't do it, I just don't know what to think. I wonder myself if I should have my soil analized. If you ask me I say it is not supposed to be this hard but I'm losing my roses and all kinds of other stuff. Last summer it was ants. Please don't give up. I am keeping my latest treasures in pots to see if that helps.

  5. Proofreading takes all the fun outta life!

  6. I have this plant in my yard too and I really like it. I also have what I call Easter Grass which is very green right now. I call it that because it looks like the "grass" they put in Easter baskets you buy at the store. The Summer heat makes it go away but it comes back again and again. When I mow (with the mower set on the highest setting so my yard does not looked plowed) the Easter grass mooches down but springs back when you put the mower away.
    Your beds look wonderful. PS My friend Caroline Priest says carrots are hard to grow and she is the uber gardener of Lumberton.

  7. I like the natural edging you made from the stuff in your crap pile. It works. Whatever that weed is get it out. I'll bet it's a spreader and will take over.

  8. I love your herb bed! And if your garden won't grow this time, you can come on up here. :)

  9. I'd keep that gate close to me too! You are just so creative and delightful!

  10. I, too, like the natural edging. Looks terrific! Hope your stuff stays warm tonight. By the way, I'm looking to give away two shutter-type bi-fold doors, if you know anyone who would want them. Laura @


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