Thursday, March 4, 2010

Little Boxes Everywhere.

Isn't that just the most precious thing you've ever seen, ever? This is my favorite thing in my boy's room. I just painted his room this crazy electric baby blue color, and the "Finn Box" looks soooo amazing yup against it. When Finn was a baby he was fascinated with this box. He just loved to hold it and stare at it (and try to pry the train off it). I added that little Peter Pan/Robin Hood boy that I found at Savers because, well, who can resist a little Peter Pan all alone at a thrift store? This sweet box was just the spot for him.

Here's the view from the other side so you can see the compass. I. love. compasses. And the maps as the background! How perfect is that for a curious boy? I tried to make one of these boxes because I love them so, and mine looked like an angry 4-year-old had designed it. It was all wrong. How does she do it?

And this one! I do not think that anyone has ever come into my home without stopping to look at this piece and ask about it. Who would ever think to put a tiny, red fox underground like that? I mean, would you ever think of that? And a chandelier? A fox and a chandelier! I have always called this piece, "The Fantastic Mr. Fox Box." Being a Roald Dahl fanatic and all, you know.
These delicious pieces of art are made by my delicious friend Lynell. She has a new blog called 365making, and it is sooooo cool. I just drool over every little thing she creates. She recently RETIRED and the art is flowing, lemme tell ya. She also has a dreamy house that she is decorating to the nines (as she always does cuz she has the best taste) and she'll show you some of that too.
I can't type too much today because my hands are still throbbing from sawing all weekend. (ME, sawing!) Gardening uses muscles I never even knew existed.
If I just had a new little box, I'm sure I would feel better pronto. Or maybe a new shirt with a bird on it. I know that would help my poor hands. (Hint, hint and hee, hee.)

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  1. You are so sweet to post these and I think that your additions to the boxes are the best! Love the little Peter Pan. And as to my home decorating, I stole that fabulous Patio Grey from YOU! Thanks so much, Michele.


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