Tuesday, March 23, 2010

And Now We Are Six.

You'll indulge me just a tad, won't you? Poor wabi-sabi home and garden have been severely neglected this week as my baby turned 6. Six! Oh, the bittersweet taste of a child growing up. Isn't he just the most precious thing you've ever, ever seen? My boy.

Birthday mornings around here always start with cake, chocolate cake, and our sweet family celebrations ring. I've been waiting years to get that little gnome carrying a 6, and now it's finally here. I was very happysad ordering it. The big present of the day was the long-awaited, much begged-for kitty. That cute little black kitten just had to make an appearance on the six-year cake, don't you think? Here is the new kitty in real life:

Oooo, could you just do some serious kitty squeezin' or what? He came fresh from the Town Lake Animal Shelter and he is just the best cat. Very confident, smart as a whip, "talks" like a maniac (good luck getting a word in edgewise around here), and holds his own around the dogs with no problemo. Good, good cat. Tibbs is the name. You would have been proud of me not controlling the naming of the cat. I love to name things and I have a long list of "perfect" names just waiting to be used. Apparently, the birthday boy has a list of his own, thank you very much. I was able to dissuade him from the name Snardu. I'm a nice mama, but not that nice.

Lucky little boy had a tee-ball game on his birthday and you know what that means, don't you? Baseball cake! High fructose corn syrup, red dye #4, baked at HEB baseball cake! Mmm, mmm. They got that and a Sprite (from the league). I know my name was being cursed all night long by 13 mamas and/or daddies trying to get their very hyper little boys to bed. Some of them were lucky enough to have two kids eating cake and drinking Sprite. Good times, y'all.

I just had to show you a picture of my Finn's favorite present. A new chess set, but not just any chess set...a PIRATES vs the English navy chess set. Honeychild, I coveted this thing at Terra Toys forever. I talked it up so much that Finn finally believed he wanted it himself (clever mama's are good at that kinda stuff). I tricked him too for a big birthday whammy. I got him all into it and then told him I couldn't find one. I think he was truly disappointed. Big thrills when he opened it up. His grandma gave it to him so he was extra surprised and jazzed. I ended up buying it at the greatest store in the world ever! This store that I have driven by 10,000 times and never bothered to go in: Great Hall Games up here on Lamar at 2222. Dude...I never. I mean I never! I am smitten, bowled over, in love, swooning, delirious... I. love. this. store. You gotta go, you just gotta. Bring only as much money as you can spend because if you go with a credit card you just might be in big trouble. Like me. We're eating ramen around here for the rest of the month if you know what I'm sayin'.
Thanks for letting me go on and on about my boy. I promise to go back to home and garden tomorrow with a funny story for you about my new "castle garden." Oh, and I use the word tomorrow lightly.
PS Don't be too impressed (a little would be just fine). Playing chess is not hard, really. Playing good chess is another thing altogether.


  1. Much love to Finn and his wonderful parents. Can't wait to see you guys next month! Danielle

  2. Happy 6th to Finn! What a great present, and weren't you clever to know just exactly what he would want. ;-) I'm glad to know about Great Hall Games. We'll check it out.

  3. Sweet Tibbs! I too have a siamese kitty...my little old lady Simone. I got her when I was 21 many many many moons ago. That pic of tibbs sure brings back the memories!

  4. Oh, how much fun!!! Finn is a beautiful child and that cat as something else with those to-die-for blue eyes.

    I absolutely LOVE the chess set. LOVE IT. Cool-cool-cool!

    I have a 6-mo. grandbaby...You give me all sorts of ideas for the future with that chess set. Laura

  5. I think Finn and Tibbs were meant for each other and Tibbs, just like Sidney Portier (sp?), doesn't take anything off anyone big or small.

  6. Man, that is one cute kitteh. Happy birthday to Finn!


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