Thursday, March 18, 2010


I just cannot believe how quickly things grow in the spring. I never, ever, ever cease to just be thrilled at every new leaf and shoot. Ever since it warmed up, I have been checking the yard habitually to see what's coming up and what's gonna get ripped out. I swear, I mean, really, really swear that stuff is growing right before my very eyes! Magnificent!

This asparagus was barely visible just a few days ago. Just teensy, tiny little sproutolas, and now look! You can really see them. I can't believe they made it through the big freeze as I just planted them on a lark in the fall. They were in the "sucka" bin at the-nursery-that-I-don't-really-like-which-shall-not-be-named. I give them a big Huzzah whenever I walk by.

I am not joking when I tell you that yesterday there was nothing showing on this butterfly plant thingee. NOTHING. I stood and stared at this thing for probably 10 minutes today to see if I could actually see it growing. How could this come up in one day? How, I ask you?

Cross vine, cross vine, I loves my cross vine. I simply cannot say that name without envisioning a grouchy vine hurling obscenities at the rest of the garden (or at me, heaven forbid). I love the word cross. My mama always used it instead of grouchy or crabby or whatever, and now I use it too. Course, I rarely have occasion to use because no one in my family is ever cross, you know. Anyhoo, this thing is growing like a ...well, a vine. A weed! A bamboo! A little boy that I love soooo much! It is growing faster than I can photograph it. If you want some hot showy color and you want it to climb and you want it fast, this baby is just the thing. It survived the frost, it survived last summer's drought and it's one of the first things going crazy now. It almost creeps me out though. I've seen too many horror films, read too much Stephen King, altered the much-younger version of my brain too much. (Whose creepy old pterodactyl hand is that?)

These buds were. not. there. yesterday. EEK! EEK or WEEE, or both, I guess.
I'm secretly hoping that some of my stuff won't come back so I can go blow my whole allowance next month on new stuff. Girl, that is some fun to fill up the old wagon with tons of the little 4" plants. You really can get a lot for your money with the little plants. I have to steer clear of the pricey stuff because I still don't quite know what the hell I'm doing. I can afford to kill a plant that costs $2.99, but not one that costs $9.99 or $24.99 or the one I really want which is $200! (Yes, I am still saving.)
Speaking of some fun - I had FinnigantheCurious and couple of his little friends out for pizza the other day. I was telling them a very short version of Charlotte's Web (which they already know, but clamor for anyway), and I was sayin' how Charlotte wrote "Some Pig" in her web. Well, then we got to talking about what that meant, and how most people don't use that expression anymore (sadly), and they just thought it was a hoot, and so we spent the rest of the day saying that everything was some thing.
That was some pizza.
That was some ice cream.
That was some toy store.
The day ended with Finn claiming the final some victory: "That was some fart."
Kids, spring, gardens, allowance money - they are all some wonderful.


  1. My favorite word is cranky. Hot flashes make me very cranky (but cross would work very well too)! My neighbor is very cranky. Said neighbor pulled out all my Cypress Vine--on my side of the fence!!! Maybe I should get some Cross Vine. If it grows that fast maybe Mr and Ms Cranky couldn't keep up with such a prolific vine!

  2. Hahahah! Your cranky old neighbor must be related to MY cranky old neighbor who cuts my Lady Bankshire roses when she walks by. Yes, get some cross vine and tell Ms. Cranky that it is extremely poisonous. Thanks for stopping by. Off to look at your blog now!

  3. Spring time is amazing! I feel the same as you when it comes to the cheap little plants. I have the craziest combination of wee things that you can imagine. I stick EVerything in the ground to see what happens. So much fun and a miracle to boot. SOME FUN !!

  4. Spring is Austin is so glorious! My enormous lady banksia rose is going crazy and it's just beginning to bloom. It always tells me that spring is here.

    I too love the cross vine. What a great plant for our area. Lots of bang for the buck! I don't have buds on mine yet, but I just planted it in the fall, so it's got a way to go. Happy gardening!

  5. When I was a little girl I went to a dentist who planted strawberry plants in a small bed next to the side walk. There was an elementary school nearby and the school children would stop and pull off the strawberries and eat them on the way home. He (the dentist) sprinkled flour all over the plants and made a skull and crossbones sign which he put in the bed nearest the sidewalk. Voila! No more strawberry thieves.Maybe you could put flour on your vine that your neighbor pulls up and make a skull and crossbones sign????

  6. HAHAH oh my goodness!! If he'd been a really smart dentist, he would have sprinkled powdered sugar on them and gotten more clients. What a great story, mama.


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