Friday, February 19, 2010

The *%&$^# Uglies.

My yard is so *%&$(# ugly right now that I think I'm gonna freak out.
I barely had any garden due to all the building and hammering and painting and pouring of cement we had to do, and now all that little bit is dead damn frozen or brown and stiff or the dogs dug it up while we were in Australia or blah, blah, blah, whine, whine, whine, dammit. This gardening thing is hard sometimes. I mean, my yard just looks so ugly; there's green stuff growing everywhere after I spent a year digging it all out; an ugly tree finally died and now it looks uglier; the pond filter crapped out and the pond is full of leaves and sludge; the big, bad-ass agave is all frostbitten and there are leaves EVERYWHERE.

The last of the garden, dug up by the dogs, waylaid by freeze.

The dead tree, looking really dead. Jackdaddy's beautiful new carport, looking beautiful.

Poor baby.

I dug and dug and dug this area out, covered it with cardboard, smothered that with leaves and still...STILL it lives.

Here's how 1/2 of my backyard looks. Add to this some piles of dog poop, mounds of leaves, 47 ugly plastic toys, etc., etc.

Esperanza...will she return? Is there hope? (I couldn't resist.)

But look who hung in there! My sweet little Jerusalem Sage that I love. I really, really love this plant for some reason. Reminds me of a Dr. Seuss plant when it's in full bloom.

Anyway, I'm feeling soooo grouchy about my yard. I just want to rip it all out and bulldoze. I won't though. I'll get out there and purge and clean and plant and always.
How about you? You hanging in there?


  1. Come to the desert!! It's about to burst with blooms.

  2. I'm right there with you. My front yard looks like your backyard, much to my neighbors' utter delight. It pretty much looks like it did at the beginning of last spring - dead grass, weeds galore and a buncha sprouting sticks. At least I got the house's mustache trimmed (boxwoods in front of the house). Time to rethink garden "design". It needs much more foliage to create interest and beauty at times like these, when all the fleurs are dead. Sigh.

  3. I like to tell the story of the older man who lives in Silsbee. He is a mechanic. When everyone was out tilling their gardens, buying plants, mulch, fertilizer and whatever else people do to have a garden he would smile and keep on working on cars.
    "When the Earth warms up that is when I will plant." And plant he does. His garden puts everyone else's to shame. "If the ground isn't warm it is not going to work." SO: When the Earth warms up and you go out to be a yardener you won't feel grouchy. You will feel so happy that the Winter has given way to Spring and you and your yard will rejoice.

  4. I feel your pain. Prettiest thing in my yard was the worm poo.

  5. OH mama, that's a great story. I got tricked because it was warm and lovely today and I worked allll day and felt better only to find out we're looking at the 20's later this week. *$^#&@($

    Caroline - I have been thinking the SAME thing. I have GOT to get more stuff in the beds to avoid the "total wipeout" look that I have now. OR...I could win the lottery and then....woohooo!

  6. Gardening is hard and heartbreaking work. The only yards that look good now are the ones that have well-established native plants. And when temperatures drop below 28 you just gotta be vigilant or even the heartier stuff dies. It used to be all we had to worry about was planting things that were drought-hardy. With more weather extremes in our future, we now have to worry about winter temps in the low 20s, too. We're just all going to have to build more cold frames! Hang in there. You're not alone.

  7. I can empathize. Really. It's easy to feel discouraged in the wedge of time just before spring when many things are still brown except for the weeds. Wait a month, and like the Texas weather, your attitude will change.

    I have weeds everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. I pick weeds every day to feed to my rabbits, and I never run out. What does that say?

    I have nasty-looking plant blankets all over, which make the back yard look like a camp for the homeless. The dogs have pooped in all of the places I need to step, and they think they're gardeners too because they have dug all over.

    Of course, my friend tells me his mother, who is visiting from out of state, will be put out if she can't see my house. Between the dust bunnies inside and the weeds & poop outside, I'm not sure what she will think.---Maybe I'll come down with the flu. Laura

  8. Yes - ditto to all you said. Yard is looking very sad - makes me sad. I get inspired by reading blogs and planning for what's to come. But, right at this moment, everything is looking very sad...

    I enjoyed your post about your mama - so glad you have that special relationship!

  9. I managed to clean up a bit and toss lots of things over the fence. I pretend they will take root and I'll have tomatoes and flowers all over and behind where I can't see it but everyone else can. I've been trying to root some rose cuttings. They weathered the weather just as happy as they could be and I wouldn't mind being surrounded by roses, that's for sure. You know you can't resist your yardner urges so just tackle one little spot at a time. It's a Zen thing says Ms.Mudd

  10. Welcome to a gardener's world. Don't worry, you'll get over it. This really has been the most discouraging year for all of us but hopefully we won't have it again for another 20years by which time I won't need to worry about it. Horrible thought!


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