Saturday, February 27, 2010


I just gotta tell y'all how much I am LOVING being in a milk coop. I love, love, love knowing that the cows are treated humanely, that I'm supporting a small farm, that these people really care about my health and the health of their animals, but mostly, mostly I like being smug as hell about being in a coop. HAHAHA. Isn't that just naughty as all get out? I'm being silly, but honestly, it's a teensy bit true. I was a vegetarian off and on for years. I've been unvegetarian for several years now, but I've never stopped wanting to go back. (Sometimes it takes me years to do stuff, what can I say?) Anyway, I had a sort of, oh, awakening while we were in Australia. Not that it's the land of vegetarians or anything, quite the opposite, but just that I had 5 weeks of living outside with the natural world and it helped me tap into some stuff that had been dormant for awhile. You know what I mean? I won't freak you out with talk of spiritual things, but I came home wanting to be healthier. (Nothing more "spiritual" than turning 47 and being surrounded day and night by Australian beach bodies.) So, one of the things I did when I got home was read some books to get me good and horrified into vegetarianism again. I also got on the bandwagon and found a place to buy milk and cheese from folks running a small dairy who treat their animals humanely. FinnigantheCurious and I head out every other Friday to Green Gate Farms to pick up our goods. The dairy stash comes from Shulenberg, TX. then they deliver to Green Gate and we pick up there. Dude, that is the cutest place in the world. Picture Boggy Creek Farms on acid. Well, on mushrooms, let's say, since we're talking natural and all. They've got it all...dogs and kids and pigs and chikkins and guinea hens and really cute volunteer boys (not that I'm looking or anything) and the sweetest yellow farmhouse you ever did see. I just love to go out there and pretend like I'm all into it. I am into it, of course, but I would not make a good farm girl at all. I am way, way too lazy for that, but I love to pretend like I'm all farm girl and stuff when I'm there. I can talk nutrition and modern food production and slow food and fast food with the best of 'em, but I am talker and a consumer, not a doer. I'm just soooo glad there are people out there doing it. Bless every one of 'em up and down from here to eternity.
Can I just say one more thing? Eggs. The eggs. My god, the eggs are so good. I buy farm eggs at the farmer's market and I have friend here and there who front me some, but the eggs from Green Gate are sooooo good. I won't tell you how much they cost, but they're worth it and that's how much they
should cost, you know? My mama, who, as you know, lives in the country, gets farm eggs for like a dollar or some crazy shit like that. Sigh. There are pluses and minuses to city living. I harp on the pluses, but I'd like farm eggs for a buck.
Here's my mama's funny chikkin story which came in response to my Cry Fowl post. So...I grew up in the country. We had the best house in the world and it was situated right on the Pine Island Bayou, across the bayou from The Big Thicket forest, and at the end of a mileish long dirt road. It was the perfect road to dump animals on and we always had a yard full of dumped dogs and cats living with us. My mama was a softie back then and she would feed them all (she's gotten over that somewhat these days). She can't remember what dog it was, but one of them went down to the neighbors house and ate some chickens. The lady called mama and told her that our dog had eaten some of her chickens and that mama needed to come pay for them. Mama said that she'd be happy to, but that since she was buying them, she wanted the damn things and she wanted them delivered. Mrs. Bruno (who is long gone by now, I'm sure) got so mad she just hung up the phone and never mentioned it again. My mama...what a hoot. Her position was that it's the country...dogs eat chikkins and if you end up having to buy some, you'd better get to eat them.
PS Like my cool new water bottle? Milk jug.


  1. The thing I like best about you and your blog is that it's REAL and sometimes so funny.--Boggy Creek Farms on mushrooms. ;-)

    Wish I had the time to go to Green Gate to pick up cheese & eggs. I have an egg connection, but I LOVE cheese, and I don't know a soul who makes their own cheese or sells their own milk. Lucky you! Laura

  2. I will be happy, happy to pick some u for youuuuuu, Laura.

  3. Awesome! Don't you love those pointy eggs? I see you got some pointy eggs there in your egg crate. I'm amazed at the different shapes that come out of those chickens. Different day, different shape. Sometimes they look like they must hurt. !

  4. I can hear your mamma's sweet as cane sugar syrup voice softly telling that woman what she needed to do with that chickkkken.
    ms. mudd


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