Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Just a wee dram, lassie.

Actually, it's a Dramm, and I'm so in looooove with it. I didn't even know they made orange hoses! I saw it at The Great Outdoors and I thought I was going to have apoplexy. (Jackdaddy thought he was going to have apoplexy when I told him how much it was.) Sometimes my friends, you just have to splurge and call it a day. I mean, it's an orange hose! Not green, not black, but wabi-sabi orange. Having said that, I have to sheepishly admit that I bought it on Amazon. Sigh. I do buy from TGO, I do, but the hose was significantly more there and well, you know, sometimes that's the way it goes. Even though I do so strongly believe in buying local. Of course I do. I love them and I hope they still love me...I'm sure they know that all of us cheat on them every now and then. It's the nature of the affair, oui? My hose love started when I saw, at my favorite house in the whole world times a million (you can read about it here), The Blue Hose. I have envied The Blue Hose in a big way. Of course, everything they have is perfect and I just live in a suspended state of envy of them. So, when I saw the orange hose, it being the answer to The Blue Hose, I was just consumed with hose love. I love it there with the dog bucket and that industrial hose turner-oner thingee that Jackdaddy made. What makes one woman love her Manolos and another love her orange hose?
Ain't life grand, y'all?


  1. I just to a virtual trip to The Great Outdoors. Thanks for the web site and another reason to come to Austin. I'd spend hours there.
    Ms mud

  2. Well, I'll be. That is one bee-u-tiful orange hose. It'll add the perfect touch of color to your yard.

    Now, your neighbor, who seems a little jealous of all your wonderful mulch, has something else to admire. Bless her heart.

    You always have the most fun in your yarden. Keep up the good work.

  3. I have never seen an orange hose. Yours is my first. Pretty darned cool!!!

    Yes, sometimes you have to have things even if others don't understand why you want them or why you'd pay so much for them. Ask me about something I had Feats of Clay make for me. :-)

    And cheating? Well you certainly made me feel better about not always buying pots from my friend's nursery. I try to buy from her most of the time, but sometimes I stray, especially when I can find similar pots for 50% less at TGO.

    Cool hose though, and it's almost UT orange!!! Laura

  4. Mz Mud...isn't The Great Outdoors website the BEST? They sure are fun.

    Miss Patchwork - I SURE had fun looking at your blog! What I wouldn't give for that big Hill Country yard. oo la la!

    Laura...I'm asking!!! WHAT luxury to have FofC make something personal for you! drool drool. That orange hose was almost $30 LESS...that's why I cheated. You feel my pain.

  5. My DIL and I are scrolling back through your blog tonight enjoying all of your awesome photos and stories! I have taken note of all your ORANGE (this is my fav color), and am loving seeing it all...I really ADORE this orange hose!!! Talk about sexy!!!


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