Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday...

to the most wonderful, beautiful, amazing, witty, wise, clever, kind, generous, invincible mama in the whole wide world. My mama...she is my everything. Happy Birthday, mama. I love you more than words could ever convey. Not a day goes by that I don't thank my lucky stars that we chose each other. Here's to many, many, many more.


  1. Happy birthday to your mama, Michele! I've really enjoyed seeing her posting on your blog. I can see you both have the same sense of humor, which is so lovely. :-)

  2. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mama Wabi. May you have many many more red candy apples!

  3. Happy birthday to your cute Mama. I'm so glad she brought you into this world! xoxo

  4. Thank you for this lovely tribute. I thank God every day for you. I love you so much.

  5. Thank you for making this the very best 76th birthday I have ever had.
    Thank you and Finn for the gifts but most of all the love we shared and will continue to share.


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