Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Best Trash Can in the World

Is this not the best trash can you've ever seen? Truly, truly one would be hard-pressed to find a better can than this. This can came into our family when I was a tween. One of my mama's best friends, Carol Jean, gave it to her and I swear I have been coveting it ever since. Seriously. After seeing it, don't you just think all trash cans should make you happy? We have the ubiquitous Simplehuman can in the house because it has one of those fancy foot things that one cannot live without because we open the trash can 568,900 times a day. I really, really wanted the happy can in the house, but I just can't bear to lift that big ole lid 568,900 times a day. And I do love the Simplehuman, but I would not say that it makes me happy, per say. I don't know why my sweet wabi-sabi mommy finally relinquished the happy can, other than because she knows how much I adore it and she is the best and most generous mama in the world, but she brought it to me and I. am. beside. myself! I have it outside on the patio and I put it in a spot where I can see it from my computer. Happy Happy. Doesn't it just scream SPRING? Doesn't it just scream SMILE? Oh, it does, believe me. Just come by, you'll be screaming, I guarantee it. Thank you, mama! Thank you, Carol Jean!

*My mama informed me (see the comments section) that the happy can was actually a housewarming present to her back in 1968 so I was actually only 5. See, my love of lovely things started waaaay back when. Mama said that Carol Jean came out to our new house and was horrified that my mama had some ugly ole trash can in the middle of the house (we had an open floor plan long before it was fashionable) so she went right out and bought it for mama. 1968...that is so cool.


  1. This can looks perfectly brand new. Your mamma must have treasured it to keep it in such pristine condition.
    Mz Mud

  2. I am so glad that you are as happy with this can as I was when,in 1968 Carol Jean gave it to me. She told me, after coming to my house and seeing my old traditional trash can in the kitchen (which was a part of the living room,) "You need this" and sure enough I did.
    So, now it is YOUR turn to enjoy it because you are the love of my life.

  3. Totally adorable. Oh, and the can is cute, too!

  4. Just darling and I'm sure you will pass it on and someone will put it on the Antique Road Show with all its history.The only thing I have from when I got married in 1968, besides my husband, is a cast iron pan which I use for making crepes. Not as pretty as yours but I love it just the same.(and my husband)

  5. That IS a really attractive trash can. i agree with you-why cant all trash cans look like that?


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