Thursday, January 28, 2010


One of my top resolutions was to get to one of Austin's farmer's markets every week, all year long. We went last night were not disappointed. Not that we ever are, but I was wondering what the winter harvest would look like. Looked like this:
I made insanely good veggie omelettes for dinner... those deeeelicous eggs, minced beets, chopped portabellas (portobellos) and garlic, spinach, purple onions, and cheese. Um, no, the cheese wasn't from the FM, but it was local stuff from Pure Luck Farm (GAWD that cheese is gooooood). I'm gonna make a cream of cauliflower/turnip/winter squash/sweet potato soup tonight. Can you see my halo shining from where you are?

The first thing I did when I got home from Australia was look in my garden. Well, if I am to be honest, it was the second thing I did. The first thing I did was crack a Real Ale Full Moon Beer and then I walked out to the garden. (Did I tell you how disappointed we were with Australian beer? Booooring.) We were thrilled to find that our broccoli had survived the freeze and there were 3 good heads to pick. FinnigantheCurious and I got out the ole Swiss Army Knife (he loves to cut...being a boy and all) and hacked them off. We then climbed on the trampoline, poured a bowl of blue cheese dressing, and went to town. It makes me all teary to see my boy, who could care less about food (can you imagine?), chowing down on something so wonderful and knowing that we grew it ourselves. I'm telling ya, growing food is one of life's greatest just is. That and cheese. And beer. And traveling. And coming home.

Pretty darn cool, huh? (Look how tan he is! It's his Malibu Ken look.)

We live on smoothies in the summer, but not so much in the winter. I decided that was just poopy silly so we made some. Check out my Daddy's old blender. I think it's from the 70's, I really do. It just keeps on chuggin'. I kinda wish it would die so I could get a new fancy one, but not really. Only a hausfrau geek like me would take a picture because the orange buttons on the blender looked so great with the purple smoothie and the orange straws. I'm just weird like that. So are you...I know it.

I'll let you know how the soup comes out.
OMG...did I TELL you that I have become allergic to kiwi? Isn't that just the weirdest thing? I had an episode about 3 months ago and had no idea what caused it. Two days before we left Australia the same thing happened, but this episode was bad bad bad. I almost went the ER. We were utterly baffled as to the cause. Well, lo and behold, yesterday I sat down to lunch with the small boy and I cut up a kiwi. I ate a slice, then another, then the burning/swelling started and I realized that was it!! Fortunately, I had some kid Benadryl on hand and I gulped some down. That seemed to head it off at the pass somewhat. I did still have the burning, swollen mouth and throat but none of the other awfulness that I won't gross you out with. Turns out kiwi is one of the Top 10 allergens in the world. See, healthy food 'aint all it's cracked up to be. My mama said that if I had been sitting down to a nice fine lunch of fried chicken and mashed potatoes, such a terrible thing would have never happened to me. She's a wise woman. I was just about to go eat something healthy right now, but, on second thought, I'm just gonna go finish off that round of Pure Luck cheese.


  1. We have that blender and I keep hoping it craps out too! I would definitely mourn it's passing though...

  2. You do!?!?! And we have the same teapot too.

  3. A couple of years ago, when I was on the TLC's wellness team, I spearheaded a program at my work to have fresh, local, and organic produce delivered to the Council through the Sustainable Food Center's farm to work program. (I'm a huge fan of the Sustainable Food Center.) It's been a great success and I really miss getting that huge box of farm-fresh produce delivered to my work every week (for the insanely low price of $25!). So now it's back to the farmers market every week, which is a joy. Another nice thing about retirement is getting to do so much cooking! We do love our vegetables!

  4. I also joined the milk/cheese coop with Green Gate Farms. They sell Strykler dairy (out of Shulenberg). I cannot WAIT to my first gallon tomorrow!

  5. It's so good to have you back. I missed you. Sooo weird about the sudden kiwi allergy! I wonder why you'd develop an allergy to something in the middle of your life?

    Oh, PLEASE give me your soup recipe if it turns out well, which I'm sure it will! I love to make soups like that. And, yes, I think I can see your halo from here. :-)

  6. Yeah, I'm exactly like that, I'm afraid. In fact, I'm designing my new Cantina Garden around those precise colors!

  7. Blaise, I did not make my soup because I came down with the coldfromhell. sigh. I will though and will email you the recipe. EZ.

    HCH (is it Becky?) - I loooove your cantina garden start. I might just save myself the work and copy yours so keep posting on it. LOL.

  8. I LOVE what your mamma said! I love the beautiful smoothie/straw/blender picture too. I'm just feelin' the love.

  9. About five years after Lyn and I got married she just became allergic to cantaloupes and water melons. I had seen her eat plenty before but one evening she was eating cantaloupe out of the garden and poof, she swole up like a toad and started itching real bad. She can eat just a bite now and her tongue starts swelling up and the itching starts. No more melons.

  10. Be careful with that kiwi allergy its usually connected with people with birch pollen and latex allergies-so you need to look out for allergy to fresh mango (the skin has latex) etc. A friend of mine from Boston had to go to ER in St Lucia fater eating sliced mango for breakfast.

  11. bob - When I was reading up on kiwi allergy, it said that I should really be careful of all melons now. Damn.

    Nicole - Really! I had no idea mango had latex in the skin. I don't really like them, thank goodness! I'm glad to know that though because my boys like it. COME TO THINK OF IT...we had some mango one day in australia and there was one day when I got really, really itchy eyes..I think it was around the same time. I'll be!


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