Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy (belated ) New Year, Y'all!

I'm sorry. I really, really am. I meant to post. I did. But...the wifi was iffy (and pricey), and you know how lazy I am so, when you combine laziness with beaches...well, it just didn't get done. You'd have gotten very bored, very fast with beach shot # 234,588,999 anyway. Trust me, there are easily that many, and I promise to regale you with them at some point, but not now. Now? Now I want to gush about how happy I am to be home! We had an epic adventure in Australia, but I am soooo happy to be home. Yikes, y'all had some cold weather cuz everything is d.e.a.d. Boo hoo and oh well, right? That's the beauty of a new year! Fresh starts all around. I LOVE the new year. I am an endless list maker so resolutions are delicious to me. I make a huge list every year and don't fret one single bit about keeping them all. I just love the process of sitting down and thinking about them and putting them to paper (never on the computer!). I love the anticipation of a "new me" every year. I even love winter, although I hate cold weather. Go figure. I love the coziness of winter...soups, blankets, fireplaces, flannel, baking, list making, birthdays ...yum. So, it was with great joy that I returned to the wabi-sabi house, surveyed my yard and sat down with pen in hand to make my list(s) of what all I would like to accomplish this year. I fear that the 'Vacation Recovery Financial Plan' that has gone into effect is going to hinder my big plans, but so it goes, and I'm OK with this being a little year in the garden. Half of my backyard is all crapped out with cardboard and mulch due to the whole Blackland-Prarie-in-the-making thing anyway so, it's just gonna be awhile until things get pretty again. One thing I am going to do in the spring is take my saved pennies (yes, I have been saving) and buy myself a big ole' gigantic bamboo at The Great Outdoors. It's going to go right by our outdoor shower and I just can't wait! They love the big bamboo down under too. I saw this on a bulletin board at a coffee shop outside of Sydney...(double click on it for a close-up)

I love that big stuff. It's all over the place in Australia. So, that's probably the only big thing for me this spring. Well, that and weeding, and moving things, and redoing the veggie garden, and putting in the last window, and and... you know how it goes.
You know what was weird? Not celebrating the Winter Solstice! I brought our family celebration ring anyway and we lit it in honor of the winter we were missing.
(Doesn't that look downright cozy considering it was summer?)

Summer Solstice sky down under...

And an outtake from our numerous (ahem) attempts at making a Christmas card photo...
So....there ya go! I'm home and I'm so glad you're still here and I can't wait to get out in the yard and do some digging before the next freeze (ugh)!
I hope you had a lovely holiday season and I can't wait to catch up with you. (What did the Mama tomato say to the baby tomato when he was lagging behind? Catch up!)

I'm off to devour some mucho-missed Mexican food. Oh, a word of wisdom: do NOT eat "Mexican" food in Australia. (I use those quotes properly, trust me.) Adios!


  1. PAGE HO! Welcome home! I can't wait to catch up - love, D

  2. Welcome back! Sounds like a fabulous trip. And boy, am I glad to meet a fellow list-maker...AND on paper, not the computer. I feel a great sense of calm if I can just write it all down.

  3. Welcome back! I'm a list maker too, and ALWAYS on paper. Such a sense of satisfaction comes from crossing things off.

    We sure did get cold here in Austin. Many of the clumping bamboo around town got zapped, including my new Mexican weeping bamboo (sob) and ESP's giant timber bamboo. Don't plant one until it warms up, is my advice, just in case Old Man Winter comes back.

  4. So glad you're back! And what happens to a person when they eat Mexican food Down-Under? I just had to ask. ;-)

    Apparently Texas saved some cold weather for you as it's supposed to get into the 20's by the end of the week so you can still get out the blankets, make some soup, and start some fires. Mmmmm, warm soup!

    Happy New Year to you too! Laura

  5. i am SO glad you all are back! i can't wait to see the pictures. and i am super happy to have your blog back! i need the inspiration. LOVE!!!!!

  6. I have missed my Wabi-Sabi fix! Welcome home!! Happy you had a good time, but even happier that you're going to start posting again! :-) Dale

  7. I really missed you! I'm so happy you are all home safe and sound. My back yard got fried by the freeze so I have to start over. Maybe I'll be surprised when the dried frizz begins some new growth because I'm ever hopefull. It is so hard to wait for spring! I want my flowers!!

  8. We are happy you had a great time but are even happier you are home again, home again, jiggedy jig.
    Love to Finn and Jack BKTMFY.

  9. I'm soooo happy to hear from all y'all. My yard is indeed a mass of brown. boo hoo. I, too, am always amazed and delighted when the teensy green starts peeking out. Come on spring!!!


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