Thursday, December 10, 2009

We're going Quaker...

parakeet, that is.
Two of them showed up about a month or so ago and we were all thrilled. They kept coming around every now and then.
Two days ago, 2 more showed up and stayed.
Now there were 4 here on a regular basis.
TODAY, I hear squawking outside and I went to the feeder...TEN of them!!! A veritable colony has moved in!!! I. LOVE. THEM. I could watch them for hours on end. Anybody know where the best deal on sunflower seeds is? That's all I use in my feeders...everyone loves them, even the tiny sparrows. I gotta find a seed connection though because I wanna keep these guys around and I may go broke doing it.
(Addendum: I found a good deal on seeds at Buck Moore Feed Store on Lamar.)


  1. How cool. When we lived up in the Dallas area, in my friend's neighborhood, there were dozens of them. They liked to hang out on one guy's ham radio tower.
    You think...parrots..aren't they tropical? But, they can live...and north central Texas. And, it seems, here.

  2. I KNOW!! Aren't I sooo lucky. The guy at Buck Moore feed said it was very rare for them to hang in the yard. I've adored them at Cafe Mundi for years. I feel like a kid at Christmas!

  3. They're SO pretty! I'm jealous...And isn't Buck Moore Feed great? I go there to get my rabbit food and horse hoove chew toys for the dogs. Laura

  4. I bought two of those feeders you have and 50 pounds of that seed. Do you think they will find their way down to Jasper?

  5. You are one lucky Wabi-Sabi Girl. I would love to have those pretty birds in my yard. Wonder how/where did they come to you.

    you would probably like this documentary!


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