Thursday, December 3, 2009

Surf's Up, Dude.

I got so inspired by The Cathedral of Junk that I had to run right out and secure a sailboard of my own. How does one do that? Why, Craigslist, my dear. The freeeee section, of course. Did you know there's a free section on Craigslist? Oh, yes there is, and I am a big, big fan as you might guess. I had this crazy idea of attaching it to our fence and letting people tag it. It's been SUCH a hit! You've got to click on the pictures to enlarge them. It's such fun reading what people have written. This is definitely one of my, um, more "interesting" ideas. Jackdaddy, arriving home from work, said, and I quote: "There's a sail board in the back of my truck." That was it. Not, "Why is there a sailboard in the back of my truck." Not, "What the hell is a sailboard doing in the back of my truck?" Just a simple acknowledgment that there was one. He's gettin' there, by golly.

This was about Day 3. I was thrilled that people were even doing it.

It's really full now and getting fuller. When we got home from on our tripfromhellonthetrain to Tucson it was really, really full. It's sooooo fun, y'all.
Oops, down to one Sharpie. Apparently, someone did not heed the "stealing pens is bad karma" warning. The ubiquitous pot leaf has arrived too.

One of the coolest things about it is that people have written such lovely things about our home. I did not expect that at all, but you know how much I love people to compliment my house. What a kind, kind thing for people to do.

Look, even some folks from New Zealand! How fun is THAT?
You gotta get one, really. Come on by and sign ours anyway. I'm thinking about turning it upside down to get the top filled up too. Crazy, huh?


  1. I'm going to make a special trip over to sign that thang! LOVE.

  2. I cannot wait to sign it. We will be there next Tuesday and want a full tour of the yard. CC's eyes will prolly roll back in his head but I am just filled with anticipation of a marvelous, magical time looking at all your wonderful finds.

  3. Babygirl!!You have found your groove. I keep watchin' to see what's next.
    Mz. Mud

  4. That's so cool & creative! Reminds me of my daughter who has a white tiled kitchen table that she got for free. She sort of did the same thing. When friends came over to visit, she encouraged them to draw or write notes on the different tiles...Glad Jackdaddy was didn't have a problem with it either. Laura

  5. Normally I might say WTF? But knowing you, I say that WTF stands for "Wow, that's fantastic!" You're hilarious. kat


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