Friday, December 11, 2009

The Metal Tree.

I've been trying for days to take a decent picture of our new Christmas tree. I guess it's not gonna happen, and I'm tired of trying. I suppose that's one downside of this wacky tree that we all gorgeous, lush, traditional tree photo, but what the hey? There's nothing traditional about the tree, so maybe it's meant to be seen live?
For years I've been putting my dad's old, wonky, extremely artificial, missing-half-its-parts tree up and loving that it was my dad's and hating that it was now mine. Does that make sense? It warmed my heart and pained my eyes. Last year I decided I'd had enough. I just couldn't take another year of explaining why we had such an, uh, hmmm, ugly strange tree. I went looking for something different. I do remember that I was looking for something in particular. I had to have it. Now I cannot even remember what it was I was looking for! But, while I was searching for that tree, I found this tree on my neighborhood message board. I had to go look at it two times before I succumbed to its charms. I got it after Christmas last year, so this is our first year of having it up and it's been a big hit. It ain't for the faint of heart or the traditionalist, for sho. If you love a big, showy, real tree, you might need to go lay down and put a rag on your head. I understand, I really do. I grew up with very large, traditional Christmas trees so that's what I thought a "real" tree was. However, my mama was just here visiting (thank you, mama!) and she told me that the first year she and my dad were married, she painted their tree bright pink and sprayed all the ornaments black!! Dude, can you just see that tree in 1957?? 1957! My mama was so cool. So maybe there was a "wild Christmas tree" gene laying dormant in me that got activated when I saw this one. Anyway, here she is:
Isn't it strange and lovely? (Be nice...say yes.) Supposedly, it's an heirloom ornament tree. I had no heirloom ornaments other than the old balls that went on my dad's tree. I grew up in a house that flooded. All. The. Time. We lost all our family ornaments that way. They were in storage downstairs and got washed down the Pine Island Bayou one year. (That's the story my mama tells anyway. For all I know she got tired of moving that crap and just chucked it. lol. ) Anyway, this tree is not a balls kinda tree. I did have a few lovely ones that I'd bought in the last few years in an attempt to cover the ratty daddy tree...they look so beautiful showcased on the metal tree. There's a wooden man-in-the-moon, a flying fairy, a gorgeous mermaid that a friend gave me, a ship-in-a-bottle one that I lovelovelove. I may turn into an ornament kinda girl! I never thought I'd be the type, but oooo it's fun. I do see why some people really get into the ornament collecting thing. Now I'm jonesing for THREE collections: teapots, aprons, and ornaments. That's slightly disturbing to me. I have a feeling it will be quite disturbing to DaddyJack. I have always joked to him that, even though I am really into home decorating, I would never have "little old lady" collections. I have a feeling that all 3 of these things can fall into that category quite easily. Oh well, he promised me he'd never have hair in his ears.
Party on!


  1. Your tree is beautiful! I was expecting to see one of those aluminum things. You could keep it up all year. Hearts at valentines...eggs at Easter.
    Uh oh...more collections???

  2. It's a lovely tree. The airiness of a tree like that is refreshing in that it doesn't hulk like a monster taking up half your living space for a month.

    I actually have a miniature curly-wire tree like that and put a few pretty glass ornaments on it and set it on a tabletop. I love it.

  3. Linda - I know...collections, sigh. Thank you for loving my tree. blush. I'd love to have a baby one to keep up year-round for all the holidays!

    Pam - Thank you too! You know, that's so true that it is airy. I never thought of that, but the room still feels really open which it never did with the daddy tree. I'd love to have a baby one too.

  4. I think it's a GREAT tree. Nothing was cut down to get it and it will last almost forever. Cool! Laura

  5. MY idea of a Christmas tree is to have one drawn with Crayolas on a window shade. Pull it down on Christmas eve and on Christmas night pull it back up.
    I love YOUR tree, though. Just as long as I don't have to decorate it. One Christmas tree at my house got thrown , decorations and lights and all, down the front steps after I had a temper tantrum
    about something.

  6. This tree shows great potential. You can go CRAZY !!! It's begging to be loaded down with wonderful things. I. Love. IT !!


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