Friday, November 13, 2009

Thrifting Thursday, except it's Friday.

I told you FinnigantheCurious and I made some good cash at our Big-Ass Toy Sale last week, right? I worked so hard that I treated myself to someone else's yard sale on Sunday and here are my treasures. Ooo la la, you're gonna be sooooo envious...

Two bitchin' cool bowling pins. They're gonna look great tucked in the what will someday be my Blackland Prairie/outdoor shower/tub/fire pit area.

Could you die!?!?! Aren't they the coolest things? They're about 7" tall and I just love them! The woman bought them in England and they do have an English tag on the back. They'll go into Finnigan's room as we are in a knights phase right now. Again.

Could you die AGAIN? OMG, I almost had a heart attack over this little painting. Another woman was manhandling it and I was afraid I was gonna have to take her down. She moved on to something else and I swooped in and grabbed it. She whipped around and I asked her sweetly if she was going to take it. I said that I assumed she wasn't since she put it back, but I wanted to make sure. (AS IF I was really gonna let her have it back.) Anyway, all's well that ends well and these sweet little birdies live at my house now. The colors are just my colors exacatacaly and that precious old frame is just the cat's meow.
I also had a little Freecycling accident and got a big-ass sailboard. Why, you ask? Oh, well, you'll just have to wait and see tomorrow.
Right now, drum roll please, I am going to pour over the vintage gardening books I discovered while cleaning out my MIL's garage today. Be still my beating heart! Here's the first one from 1960. You might want to grab a glass of wine before you look. Try not to pass out.

Would you LOOK at that insanely fine circular patio roof!!! Oh, poor Jackdaddy...he doesn't know what's coming his way.
And the other...

I've been promising myself that this is the year in which I will get a handle on my compost. This book is gonna show me how and oh, in that uber-chic 60's style. Girl, girl, girl. Am I lucky, or what?


  1. Oh, I want to see your new finds so badly, but they aren't showing up...I don't know if it's my computer or your post. Waaaa! I'll come back later to look again.

    Oh and I know YOU won't be appalled by this, but other gardeners might be. A friend & I are going to the dump store tomorrow, just to see if we can find "art" for the garden. If we don't find anything, we'll be doing a nursery crawl. :-) Laura

  2. Dangity dang...I had a feeling those pictures were acting funny. Thanks for the heads up...I'll try again.

    YOU ARE??? I wanna goooooooooo. Y'all have fun...I love the dump!

  3. Lady lady - there's an extra image or div in the code. See that orange border around the vintage pics? It's the same thing only with no pic inside. Look and see if there's an extra image hidden in there somewhere. XO

  4. Hey, you were right. There were TWO extree. Is it fixed now? You be my homie, ho. XOX

  5. "One man's treasure.....".
    I have been to garage sales and thought "Who in their right mind would let this treasure go?"
    Last year we had a garage sale at our church and asked our congregation to donate items to be sold. One woman donated= are you ready?= a ratty, moth eaten stuffed cougar-type critter. Of course we had to put it out on the table with a price on it because we could not hurt her feelings and (you already know what's next, don't you?) IT WAS THE FIRST THING SOLD.

  6. Gosh, I really love the three knights. I think those and the painting are awesome.

    And I went to the dump was terrific! Absolutely positively great. We had a fun time. I'd tell you about my finds, but this is your post, and not about my finds. Laura

  7. I am so green (envy) I love your finds. They are treasures, for sure. Whahwha I miss all my junque I had at the beach. . .so much . . I was just gettin' started, too.
    Lady McMuddy

  8. Laura...are you KIDDING? I wanna see it all!

    Lady McMuddy...oh my heaaaart still just aches for you and the beach house. Tragic. That beautiful home.


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