Friday, November 20, 2009

My Wabi-Sabi Mommy

The Wabi-Sabi Mommies

A neighbor stopped by the other day and asked if she could peek in my yard. 
We were talking about art and style and whatnot and she asked me where I got my style from. 
I got it from my Mama for sure. 
 I grew up in a small, small, conservative town outside of Beaumont. 
As we all know from the folk art scene, there is often a lot of fabulous stuff happening in these small towns. 
Colorful people are everywhere, you can't hold us down!

There used to be a store in Beaumont called The Front Porch. It is actually still there, but it's long been owned by different people It's not in the same location, and it's definitely not the same kinda store. 

It used to be in a beautiful old converted house in old town. The wooden floors were all bumpy and uneven which my mama and I loved. 
The bathroom had some kind of lovely tapestry covering the bathtub. 
They carried all this stuff that was pretty radical for that time in that town. 
Lots of 70's "new woman" kind of stuff. 
They had James Avery jewelry that no one else carried, shadow boxes with tons of miniatures to put in them, some rather hippieish plaques and posters...oh, it was just fabulous. 
We would go there all the time to wander around and buy things. 
I grew up with goodies from The Front Porch all over our house. 
Mama had a purse from there that said, "If you're being run out of town, get in front of the mob and make it look like a parade." 
 She also had a sign (on the inside) that said, "Yes, I'm home, but I'm not answering the door." 
Most people were fascinated by her, some just puzzled, a few ran in the other direction (good riddance, my dears!). 
 There was a group of like-minded women that all found each other and, my god, were they fun. 
They formed a club called "The Sorry Dog Club" and they would get together and hoop and holler. 
They all made up crazy-ass names to go by: Muriel Everett (Mama), Elmarine Bass (Mary), Beadrice Maximillion (Lynn), Agnes Grill (Jo Ellen), Juanita Sue Unruth (Margie) and Hortense (Lynell. We cannot remember Hortense's last name). Isn't that just the best?! 
Some of them are gone now and I sure do miss them. 
Some of them are still with us and still hooping and hollering, thank goddess! 
When I get my chickens, I'm going to name all of them after these women. My mama is my best friend and hardly a day goes by that I don't talk to her. 
 She lives too far away for my taste, but we try to see her every other month or so. 

Check out some of her Wabi-Sabi yard goodness:

A dog-trot log cabin that sits on the front of their property. They have another house behind this that they live in, but this is what you see when you drive up. Her husband has a music room in there and that's where company stays when they come. 

I think my mama would be happy just living in that cabin, but I suppose one needs to cook every now and then. 


This here is "Elsie Joyce." 

Mama saw her at a muffler station that was going out of business and almost had a wreck trying to get over to see her.

Fortunately, they were able to rescue her and bring her home. 

She now sits in a bed of johnny-jump-ups and sports Mardi Gras beads year-round.

Yes, it's a bus stop! My mama LOVES to ride the bus just like FinnigantheCurious and I. Every time my mama comes to visit, we hop on the bus and go somewhere. Finn and I ride it so much he even knows when to pull the cord without being reminded. 

I'm proud of that. 

So when her husband's brother mentioned this bus stop, she had a fit until he brought it to them. 

Isn't that hilarious? 

It has a lawn mower in it in this picture, but normally it's just there so my mama can sit on the bench and daydream about riding the bus. 

There's no bus for miles in any direction out there in the piney woods, trust me.

You think there's fun to be had in the big city? Girl, girl, girl, you don't even know. My mama loves to mow the lawn with her riding mower. I find that hilarious. We all have our thing, I guess.


This outta tell you everything you need to know. 

Wabi-Sabi runs in the blood, for sure.


  1. I may have created a WabiSabi daughter but you, honey child, out-do me far above anything I could ever think about.
    You are the most wonderful and make my heart glow with love and admiration.
    I am sure Finn will be a Wabi also, too, also.

  2. What a sweet and funny tribute to your mother. I just had to smile over the bus stop. What a sense of humor she must have. And, hey, I had a poster when I was a girl that had that parade/run-out-of-town quote on it!

  3. You are SO lucky to have your mother. She sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you let her know how special she is every day. I also love what she has in her yard especially the bus stop. Laura

  4. Merrymerry - remember when jack asked me not to make finn TOO weird? hahaha.

    Pam - you did!?! See, kindred spirits.

    Laura - Oh, I am sooo lucky and I do let her know. She is such a dear, dear thing.

  5. I had a lovely comment I wrote to you but I don't know what happened to it. I guess it just went to Laura's. Maybe you will get two.
    This just makes me feel so happy and brings up childhood memories. Those things and praying mantisis (sp?)
    PS Does anyone know why you have to put those letters in the box before you can send these messages?

  6. I think those johnny-jump-ups might be Mexian petunias, called ruellia? kat

  7. I remember Rene Velvet. The other ones are flitting around somwhere in my behind brain. We had so much fun. I wish we could all ride the bus together because I love bus rides bettern' anything.
    Mz. Mud

  8. KC- nope, they're johnny jump ups.

    Muddy Hands! I know...velvet renee smarmee! hahah. Come ride the bus with me next time you come up here.

    MerryMerry - the code words are to keep spammers from writing things on your blog. I have no idea how it works though. I LOVE your walking stick story.

  9. I have to second KC--dwarf Ruellia for sure.

    Your mom is adorable!

  10. My friend gave me a start of Mexican petunias which she called Katie Ruellas (that might be a good name for a Sorry Dg, eh?)and I like Katie Ruella better. She told me to be aware that they multiply so be aware. Wowie woo woo! Do they ever multiply!!!! Sometimes in the middle of the night I heard her out there multiplying like mad. "6x9=54, 7x8-56" etc, etc, etc.) She even knows her times tables through the 15's which is pretty awesome if you stop the think about it.

    Thank you for the information about those crazy letters you have to fill in.

  11. Hi,
    I really enjoy reading your blog. You always seem to be having the best time.
    So...I passed to you an award I was given. The Best Blog Award.
    Simple confessions on this one.
    It was my first award. No obligations to you.
    Keep making us smile with your blog.

  12. Happy Thanksgiving to all the bloggers. Let's be thankful every day not just one day a year.

  13. mom is just great take care me to my uniform


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