Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I got hammered with the best of them!

The gardener with the most beautiful, magical yard in the UNIVERSE, Cheryl of Conscious Gardening , just "hammered" me with The Honest Scrap Award!!! I'M. SO. FREAKIN. EXCITED!!!!! I thought she was making a joke because she and I have a fondness for the same beer, but it's real. A real award thingee! It's passed on from blogger to blogger with a specific set a rules which I simply copied and pasted below.

(Copy and Paste if you've been Hammered!)

Here are the rules:
1. Brag about the award.
2. Include the name of the blogger who gave you the award and link back to that blogger.
3. Choose a minimum of seven blogs that you find brilliant in content or design.
4. Show their names and links and leave a comment informing them that they were prized with this award.
5. List at least ten honest things about yourself.

Well, I am not usually one to follow rules, but these were easy. Here's why:

1. This is easy because I am truly THRILLED to be awarded and can't help but brag.
2. This is easy because I LOVE Cheryl's blog and I already linked back to her.
3. Oh gosh. My dirty little secret is that I don't uh, really read blogs. I write, but rarely read. I'm sorry, I know that's awful, but it's true. I am a stay-at-home mama to a 5-year-old and my blog reading time is nonexistent. I'll see what I can do.
4. OK, I'm doing that now.
5. This is easy because I love to talk about myself.'s my blogroll:

1. SouleMama
Not even remotely a gardening site, but one of my all-time faves. I started reading this when I had a newish baby and still read it. I do not sew, knit, make my own bread, can my own veggies, crochet or embroider and I can barely handle my one child ...but I wish I did all those things and I wish I had a houseful of children and so I live vicariously through her. She also always, always, always talks about the good stuff...never the bad. I admire that. SO not me. lol.

2. Digging
What can I say? The first garden blog I ever read. She has been so helpful and kind to me, plus she's just great fun. Someday I hope to have a blog of this caliber.

3. The Shovel Ready Garden
I just like this blog a lot. She's funny and that matters to me.

4. Rock Rose
I just have to say that this yard rocks my world. I just go and look at the pictures and sigh. I'm not thoroughly convinced that the yard is really hers. I have a sneaky feeling that she lives close to some garden center and sneaks over there to take pictures. Also she's English and that's cute.

5. The Bicycle Garden
I LOVE the main photo on her blog. I also just like the way she writes. Another smart, funny woman blogger.

6. The Grackle
I want to get a peek in their yard. I can tell I'd like it. A lot.

7. Society Garlic
Gardener AND court reporter...what more could one need? Oh, and I just found out we have a mutual friend.

Let's see...Ten Honest Things About Me:
1. I don't wear underwear.
2. I think being too clean is bad for you. I shower once a week unless I've done serious exercise.
3. I know nothing about gardening. I am a big faker. I dig a hole, put some Natural Gardener soil in, and hope for the best.
4. I have a jones for all things Irish.
5. I am intensely loyal and tough as nails.
6. I don't believe that children need to go to school. At all.
7. If I could change my name, I would change it to Polaris and go by Poe.
8. I have longed to learn to knit, sew, play piano, and speak Spanish for over 30 years and have never learned a damn tiny bit of any of them.
9. I want to live on a boat.
10. My favorite album of all time is "Fisherman's Blues" by the Waterboys.

Damn, that was fun! Y'all be sure to check out Cheryl's blog because it really is da bomb. I'm off to gloat to whoever will listen. I am also off to see if I can find a real one of those Honest Scrap signs. I think I "need" one.

PS My refrigerator stinks and I can't figure out why. I hate that.


  1. Dear Poe,
    I am so happy you got the NUMBER ONE hammer.
    You deserve it.

  2. Thanks for the hammer, Poe!
    (I am totally calling you Poe, forever more.)

  3. I can teach you to knit! It's so easy if you have someone to sit and show you vs. reading about it in a book. A friend taught me at a coffeeshop one night and I was totally hooked. We should have a craft night, hmmmmmmmm.

    I've been reading about showering less often to preserve vitamin D. I usually have to shower with Elias and he can get kinda gross, but soon I will be on the once a week bandwagon.

    To ramble even further, I have Unschooling questions for you. ;) The more school Owen has, the more I am convinced his time might be better spent...anywhere.

  4. You are so sweet to "hammer" me, Michele! Thanks for the shout-out!

  5. YeeHaw !! Thanks so much for the blog sites. I feast on them. You are hittin' the big time, girlfriend!!!!

  6. Hmmm, and I thought my habit of every other day (unless I work outside and sweat) was a shameful secret. And I had been recently smelling a funk in my trash and couldn't figure why. Turns out the Lysol I sprayed in the can before putting the trash bag inside had molded. How ironical! Ba ha ha ha!

  7. Congratulations! You are so fun. Hey, have you checked out the blog Pioneer Woman? Even if you don't read blogs, holy cow. . .home-schooling mom on a ranch. Fun stuff! Love your kitchen renew, too.

  8. WooT! Congratulations on getting hammered. I think your blog absolutely deserves it. And thanks for tagging the Bike Garden, too. I think I'd have a hard time coming up with a list of 10 honest things about me that would be even half as interesting/hilarious as your, though.

    Oh, and I second the suggestion that you take a look at Pioneer Woman's blog. Right down your alley.

  9. I checked out the Pioneer Woman. I was super intrigued...then she lost me with Wal-mart. kat

  10. What a nice acknowledgement for a terrific blog! Good work, Minky!

  11. Zoomletta!! Hi you! xoxoxxo

    I have poked around on The Pioneer Woman...very cool blog, indeed. I have NO idea how she does it. I can barely get my teeth brush most days.

  12. That's why my soap lasts so long at your house. HAHAHAHA!! Congrats on the hammerin! XO ps...would you still love me if I admitted that I sometimes shower TWICE a day? HAHAHA (I take vit D supps).

  13. You nasty-naughty thing, get your ass in the shower and put on some big girl panties! I'll teach you how to's like knitting only more rare. The Portuguese invented it, so it's what I, a green eyed Portuguese Chica does. My Spanish sucks, so we'll listen to Jobim and swoon. I'll trade you for liquor and humor. Deal? hehehe, I'm so glad you are honored! I love, love your blog!


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