Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Special Day at the Wabi-Sabi House

I woke up this morning to find that the illustrious, nationally-acclaimed and locally loved, Pam Penick, has given Wabi-SabiHomeandGarden an extraordinarily fantastic plug. Before this morning, I had about, oh, maybe 15 or so regular readers (mainly consisting of friends, neighbors and family). As of this evening I had about 185 visitors from as far away as Greece, Estonia and Anguilla!
Howdy, y'all!
Man, this is all so exciting to me. I am huge fan of Pam's blog. In fact, when we first bought this house I hired her to come over and design a plan for my back yard based solely on my love of her blog. Well, not solely because of her blog because she is a successful landscape designer, of course. I just mean I loved her blog and so I called her. Here we are three years later and she's telling the gardening world (literally) that she likes MY blog.
I don't mean to bore you with the big love fest, but as a new blogger and relatively new gardener, I'm quite grateful. Walking around with a big grin on my face kind of grateful.
I was so excited that I was "forced" to go out and celebrate by actually buying two new plants for my yard. I feel sort of official today and that called for a trip to the a real gardener. I'm a get-a-cutting-from-the-neighbor kinda girl so, for me to go out and buy a big, new crossvine (bignonia capreolata) AND a big grassy thing called miscanthus adagio, well, you know I'm celebrating for sure. The man who brings home the money said he hopes we don't get too many more mentions this month. Har har.
FinnigantheCurious had something to say about it all too:
In case you couldn't tell, that's me in my gardening hat. I think he captured my exact mood today. When mama's happy, everybodys happy.


  1. I found you through Pam's blog. :) I love the Pan story. That is hilarious. Did you paint that yourself? I must be out of the loop because I hadn't heard the term wabi-sabi before, although I have embraced the concept whole-heartedly without naming it. If more people embraced wabi-sabi in the landscape, I think there'd be more gardens!

  2. Aww, Michele (and Finnigan), you are very welcome for the mention. Now I'm smiling too, even though you called me "venerable" (I just had a birthday yesterday). ;-)

    It makes me happy to know that other people have found your blog via my post. I'm just "paying forward" what a blogger I admired did for me three years ago. Michele Owens of Sign of the Shovel (now defunct) and later Garden Rant wrote up a really nice post about my new blog and totally made my day. She wrote: "My God, check out the photos of what this woman is doing in Austin, TX! Vitex! Agave! Incredible colors! Plants I cannot even identify! This is the kind of powerfully prurient stuff that makes repressed Northeastern gardeners want to leave their homes, jobs, and families and start living some cowboy-, agave-, and beer-focused Texas life. It ought to be outlawed."

    It still makes me smile to read this. And so I like to pay it forward when I can. Enjoy the well-deserved attention. :-)

  3. AKK! I didn't realize the word, venerable, is associated with age. I thought it was "respect based on merit." Being a young-in-spirit yet middle-aged woman myself, I switched it to illustrious.

    What a warm and welcoming group the garden blog community is. Thank you again for "paying it forward" to me. I promise to do the same someday.

    October 5, 2009 9:26 AM

  4. Around Austin it is my impression many people owe a lot to Pam in terms of inspiration and encouragement. All part of the gardening schema yes? Generosity of spirit, nurturing, etc... You go ladies!

  5. I too love Pam's blog, mainly for her freaking amazing photos, but also for the inspiraiton in trying so many things. But I love your blog for its "life-as-art" philosophy. So fun.

    Speaking of paying it forward and the kind gardening community, watch this TED talk on the Web as a random act of kindness. Amazing!

    Blog on ladies!! I'll be seeing you!

  6. Oops, it cut off the link. Just go to the TED website and look up Jonathan Zittrain, or search for the title Web as a Random Act of Kindness.

  7. KC - I LOVE the TED talks! Going to look now.


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