Thursday, October 15, 2009

HUZZAH! Rumpelstiltskin

Veering far away from the home and garden theme today to give a shameless plug to my dear theater troupe, The Violet Crown Community Theater. We are a group of neighbors and friends who heeded the call of our fearless leader, Nancy Barnard, to start an old-fashioned theater group. Currently, we are all adults doing FREE interactive plays for children (and the young at heart). We hope to branch out in the future to involve children in the actual productions and also to do more dramatic fare geared toward adults. (You know me, I'd love to do an R-rated version of a fairy tale.) Our latest production is an adaptation of the classic fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin. It is an interactive show for children of all ages and runs about 40 minutes. We are totally self-supported by, uh, ourselves and the kindness of local advertisers as well as the "passing of the hat." We make or borrow all our own costumes, sets, props, etc., etc. It's fun, exhausting, and well worth it when we see the faces in crowd; happy, intrigued, joyful, mesmerized. Our last production was Jack and the Beanstalk. Here are some pictures from that show so that you can get a feel for the kind of work we do.

I would like to invite each and every one of you, young and old, to join us at one of our three shows this week. The show opens tonight at Freddie's Place located at 1704 South 1st street 78704. Showtime tonight is 7 pm. (The show is only 40 minutes, so not to worry about bedtimes.) Freddie's is a magical Austin restaurant that sits overlooking Bouldin Creek. Not only is it very child-friendly, but dog-friendly as well (on leash, of course). Great food with huge portions (that can easily be split), adult beverages, a play scape, washer pits, and a stage for live shows all set under huge live oaks and lit by a multitude of colored lights. If you're looking for the quintessential Austin experience, you've got to check this place out!
This Saturday we'll be at Brentwood Park. The address is 6700 Arroyo Seco Blvd. 78757. Showtime is at
5 pm. We will be selling delicious bean and cheese tacos from the very generous Tacodeli for $2.00 and lemonade for $0.50. You are also welcome to bring your own dinner and drinks. Bring the blankets, come early and enjoy the festivities! There is a play scape at the park and plenty of wide open space for the children to run wild before the show.
Our final show will be at Central Market this Sunday. Showtime is at
5 pm. The performance will be held on the deck. Come after the game and let the kids hit the play scape before the show. Stay after the show and have dinner.
This is truly live theater at it's finest. We've got gender-switching, a storyteller, a trumpet player, silly props, homemade costumes, a bumbling King, a disgruntled squire, a busy page, a braggart miller, a
totally sullen maiden, her silly attendant, and a strange little "man" who just might be turning straw into gold. ALL SHOWS ARE FREE!
Y'all come, OK?


  1. Do you know how much I would love to see your production? Can you even guess?
    Miz M Hands

  2. It sounds like so much fun! I just had a grandbaby.--Wish she were old enough to attend. Sadly, I will be working on a tax letter this weekend. :-( If I can think of anyone with kids, I'll tell them about it. Laura

  3. I am so happy you are acting again.
    I know how much fun you and your fellow Thespians must be having and what a joy to your audience.
    Break a leg!!!

  4. Such a great time tonight, Michele! I'm laughing at the pic you posted of you and documentation of extreme cowbell malfunction. :)

  5. Oh, I so wish we could come! Have fun for us, too!

  6. The first show was GREAT! Thanks for all your well wishes!

  7. How did the first show go? I'll bet it went well and it will be wonderful today and tomorrow.
    Does Finn go with you? I think it wonderful he is being exposed to the theater especially since you are in it.

  8. This reminds me of a troupe that used to perform when I was little. I still remember distinctly a lively play that I discovered in high school was A Mid-Summer's Night's Dream adapted for kids. You'll be making lots of memories for those kids!

  9. Had I known you were in this, and now that I have the time to keep up on blogs...I'd have come to see you! How exciting! I hope it was fun, fun, fun!


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