Friday, October 23, 2009

BOO, y'all!

We've been having so much fun around here getting ready for Halloween. It's a month-long affair at the Holt House. Anyone with a small child knows that Halloween is much more than one day. Actually, we talk about it pretty much year-round. Bright and (not so) early the morning after Halloween, FinnigantheCurious starts talking about what he's going to be next year and what I should be next year and what kind of candy he's going to get more of (or less of) next year and how much later he's going to stay up next year and, and, and... I would say Halloween is ever bigger than Christmas here. Course, we celebrate everything. We are a celebrating kind of family. We do all the equinoxes and solstices and Shakespeare's birthday (no one really knows, but historically celebrated on April 23) and "Talk Like a Pirate Day" and we sleep outside on the full moons and, well, you get the idea. We love an excuse to make a cake and put up some streamers.
This year I was trying to be thrifty with the cashola output so I went looking for ideas. My dear friend and neighbor, Sonja, who is such a fabulous artist and crafty mama gave me a great idea. She and her daughter, Olive (is that the cutest name ever?), painted tree branches in lovely girly colors and then made the sweetest little fairies and attached them to the branches. Oh, and they sprinkled glitter on them, of course. OMG...soooo adorable. FinnigantheCurious was not impressed, to say the least. If I said he was disgusted I would not be exaggerating. He wanted nada to do with purple tree branches, glitter and fairies. However, he was very into the idea of black spray paint and tree branches so, that's what we did. We picked up some "scary looking" branches here and there and went to town with the paint.

Then we went over to Big Lots (weird store, y'all) and found these creeeeepy skeletons. They really are just the creepiest things. Finn and I were both kinda freaked out by them and we like scary stuff. We kept throwing them at each other like a hot potato. You don't really want to touch them. They remind me of dolls that come alive at night and try to kill you. You know the ones. There's just something about them. It's no wonder they were at the discount store because no mama in her right mind would bring these home. Oh.

See? Eeek! After putting on the appropriate clothing, we attached these freaky things to the black branches that we had hung on the fence. It was a skeleton affair of the highest order.

Look at my spookalicious babe. Won't that picture be worth a million about 40 years from now? That fantabulous bird cage was a gift from my friend, neighbor and fellow gardener, Emily. She gave it to me, yes. Can you imagine? It got a not-so-warm reception over at her house when she brought it home. I snagged it and dared Jackdaddy to say a word. I asked him, "Did you SEE that fantastic bird cage in the front yard that Emily gave me?" He replied, "Uh, yes." So, basically, I got the same lukewarm reception that Emily got, but she is a much nicer person than I and actually took her partner's opinion into account. I just gloated.
I stuffed it with tons of orange lights and I put the plastic rats in there too. It looks so cool and tres Martha. I could not get a good night shot to save my life. You'll just have to drive by and see for yourself. My favorite thing is listening to the neighborhood children walk by and discuss all the various aspects of the decorations. The rats are a big hit and the skeletons are getting mixed reviews. Some find them cool, others find them
too scary. Just as I had hoped. I'm like that, you know. A freaky gloating mamacita.


  1. I love the last picture, that is great!

  2. All out scarey and Halloweenie. My next door neighbor placed one lonely little punkin in her window and that was the extent of our neighborhood decorations.

  3. Wow, you should leave this up all the time. I love Halloween too, the official launch of the fall season. I bet you'll be the favorite trick or treat house on the block!

  4. Who could not love this Halloween House out of all Halloween houses?
    What a flair you and Finniganthe-curious have for the dramatic.
    I wish all Austinites (Austiners?) could see this. They would all be green with envy as am I.

  5. I used to love Halloween as a kid. I had the greatest time. Glad you're going all out with Finnigan. Tres cool, ALL of it! Any idea what you'll do with the bird cage once the big H is over? Will it be saved for next year or will you do something else with it? Laura

  6. Wonderfully awesome, and seriously, if you don't kinda creep yourselves out with the decorations then you aren't taking it far enough.

    That said, my little curiosities are all grown and flown now so I am one of those people with one sad pumpkin on the front porch. Other than that? Bupkis except for a few tiny things inside that trick/treaters will see when I open the door Hween night.

    So thanks for picking up the decor slack. Oh, and I LOOOVVE the birdcage. Totally cool and I am sure it will grow on the rest of your household.

  7. Either Finn is tiny, or I forget how big that birdcage is! Can't wait to see it lit up. I've got an idea for you with the birdcage...

  8. Creepy, fun decor! You'll be the hit of the neighborhood among the trick-or-treaters.

  9. Addison is jealous of your decorations! We just returned from Portland and got to catch up - Addison is working on her skeletons to decorate our front window, thanks for the inspiration! xoxo

  10. Thanks for all the compliments, y'all. Yes! It is so fun to still have a little one to decorate for.

    The bird cage IS big, but that picture just looks funny. Finn is not a small 5.

    When Halloween is over, I'm gonna stuff the cage full of colored lights and hang it up in the back yard over our outdoor tub. weeee.

    Ooo, tell Miss Addison to send me a picture of her decorations and I'll post them on my blog!

    I think I'll spray paint those branches some gaudy silver color and put them up for solstice/Christmas decorations. I see using them a lot! Free and cool...weeee!

  11. eeeeeeeee! I love Halloween too! Great post, I thought I was the only one who celebrated "talk like a pirate day" In all fairness it started when I was teaching at Pearce Middle School...that's our mascot...the Pirate:)


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