Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekending at the Holt House


I'm tarred y'all. 

That's southern for "I feel a tad fatigued." 

It's such "hard work" to lean over my beautiful raised beds and drop those tiny seeds in. 

Oh me, oh my, whatever shall I do to revive myself? Perhaps a long hot bath, a cup of tea and a movie with FinnigantheCurious

(That or some Tylenol, 2 glasses of wine a glass of wine and the above mentioned long hot bath.) 

Mommy sweetest or Mommy dearest...hmmmm.
I got some goodies in the dirt this weekend, I sure did. 

Here's the line-up below. 

I'm saving some beet and carrot seeds for next month too. I have never, yet, grown one damn carrot. 

My neighbor and fellow gardener, Eleanor, told me I needed to plant carrots next month so I'm gonna try that too.  

Finnigan is really, really wanting those colored carrots to grow and I feel a certain obligation (being an outdoorsy mom and all) to make that happen for him. 

If they don't make it I'm gonna sneak some at the Farmer's Market, stick them down in those holes and let him dig 'em out. 

I am, I don't care. I did it once with strawberries and he still talks about them to this day.
Plus asparagus, cilantro, brussel sprouts, broccoli, green and purple cabbages, spinach, bush beans (probably too late on those, but we'll see), snap peas and parsley.

I had to soak the bush beans and the parsley seeds for 24 hours before planting. 

They're working on 48 right now, but what the hey. 

Maybe I'll just have to water them less. Har har

Jackdaddy's lovely raised beds with the black gold of soil from Natural Gardener.

Lookie here at my cute little pond. 

FREE pond, I should say. 

The whole dang thing was almost free. 


The liner was given to me by my dear friend and cohort in all things wabi-sabi, Stacy Lynn, the lirope was found on the side of the road on trash day, the rocks are from the Austin Memorial Cemetery (with a few from a deserted Baja beach ((ahhh)) thrown in) and the "bird feeder" is a big stump from dear friends and neighbors, the Arrellanos

 I did pay for the pump, the horsetail reed and there is a tiny Buddha that you can't see in the photo that I bought while on the pond tour this summer. 

The sound of the waterfall is intoxicating. We sat outside today for, oh, 13 seconds enjoying it before the mosquitoes threatened to carry us away. 

Lovely Texas mosquitoes. 

Just one of the many reasons I choose to live here. 



  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had sore muscles after sowing seeds! I couldn't resist those colorful carrots either.

    Here's something I recently learned from a very experienced veggie gardener: plant thickly then thin vigorously. Apparently the seeds won't germinate unless they're crowded, but once they're seedlings they need at least three inches between them, so you must ruthlessly thin the seedlings.

    Your raised bed is gorgeous! And one of these days, I'll get started on a little pond-fountain thing. Yours is very cool.

  2. REALLY? Now that is something I've never heard, but I'll sure do it. I will. Thank you, thank you and THANK YOU. The pond was soooo easy. I thought it was gonna be hard and it was not.

  3. Oh shoot! I forgot to say the "plant thickly; thin vigorously" advice applies to CARROTS. I have no idea if it applies to other Fall veggies! So just try it with your carrots. That's what I'm going to try, too!

  4. Glad to have found your fun blog. You are sure to have a wonderful crop of vegs in that raised bed. John's soil is the best. I think you may need a few more raised beds before long with all those seeds. Is the Eleanor you mention blogging at the Garden of E?
    Delightful little pond. You work wonders with odds and ends.

  5. Love your pond! We're having a host of teeny baby Gulf Coast Toads hoppin' around our fountain!

  6. I am too old (tired) to do gardening but the thing I want the most of all is a grotto. My Baptist husband thinks of a statue of the Virgin Mary or whoever is the saint-of-the-month and is not too receptive. I assured him I just want a grotto and not for religious purposes. I just want one.

  7. Oh! I want a grotto too, also, too! Let's figure it out. You could just put a baby Jesus in there and call it even steven. I want a Buddha in mine. Or maybe something irreverent! Even steven better.

  8. I have looked grottos up on the internet and there are all sorts and kinds and how to make one. Maybe if I whine...........

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