Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sleeping Potion

Oh my, but we have been lazy around here.
Deliciously, wonderfully, delightfully lazy.
It's been raining since last Friday! Can you believe it? Not only was there rain, but rain that contained a sleeping potion!
Jackdaddy, the big fancy scientist, gave a big fancy talk at UT on Friday night. It was the culmination of millions of several late nights for him so on Saturday morning we all slept until TEN AM! Then we did it again on Sunday morning! TEN AM, I tell you. Oh, on Saturday morning the rain was really pouring down and the bedroom was so dark and cozy. FinnigantheCurious was snuggled between us, the dogs, who are scared of thunder and big rain, were curled up on the floor beside us ... I felt like an ole' Mama Bear all snug her in her cave. That or a comotose teenager. Either way it was heavenly. Here at the Holt House we are connoisseurs of lazy. Well, hmmm, to be quite honest, Jackdaddy is not, but I keep trying to encourage him. He'll come around someday. I've only been trying for 10 years. (He can be slow at times, poor thing.)
Having all this rain after such a horrible, horrible drought reminds me of an incident that took place when I was living in Los Angeles. After I had been there for about a year I was over the perfect weather. I wanted, needed, craved, desired rain. As most of you know, I am a swamp girl from Beaumont and I just do not do well without regular rain. Some people get depressed with too much rain. I get depressed with too little. So, one night, I'm sitting in my apartment and I hear thunder! Oh joy joy, thunder! I run out to my balcony to listen and to my surprise and delight I saw that almost every single balcony, patio, front porch, carport as far as I can see had people standing on it, staring at the sky. You'd have thought we were being invaded by aliens. There we were, all of us alone together to watch some thunder and lightening. I can't remember if it rained or not (doubtful), but it was enough just to share the promise of it with all those strangers.
That's what it's been like around here this last week. Everyone is out in the rain just soaking it up. We've been walking in it, splashing in it, playing in it and, of course, sleeping in it.
I've got no pictures because the sleeping potion rain also made me too lazy to go out and take any.
However...I do have a little surprise to show you. Just a little sneak peek. You'll get the full coverage tomorrow.
Here's a hint for you: it is not a ping pong table as FinnigantheCurious was disappointed to discover. He saw the picture below and came running in to tell me that we got a ping-pong table and there were directions for setting it up! Judging by his level of bummed outedness we may be getting one in the near future.


  1. I have no idea what it is but don't keep us in the dark too long.
    PS I LOVE the rain and can't imagine living somewhere where there is no mold, mildew and mud.


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