Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glone Global

I have a thing about globes and maps. Maybe it's because I love to travel? I dunno, but I just love them. I'm a pirate at heart (a good one who does not pillage or rape. I do, however, swig and curse) and the site of a map, especially the old ones, gives me that far away feeling inside.
When Jackdaddy built our beautiful fence I took the opportunity to load up the post tops with some globe love.
It warms my mama heart to see the neighborhood children walking by, spinning them. Even the little ones can now reach two of them because I put that bench (side of the road find!) out there. They stand on it and spin away. I had planned to put little phrases about traveling lengthwise down each post, but that idea hit the proverbial road as so many of my ideas do. A girl can only do so much. Apparently, I've got too much swilling and cursing to do.

Here's my globe stash. Every year these show up in the Target Dollar Spot. I usually buy all of them (Sorry!). The weather (I use that term lightly cuz I really just mean heat) is tough on them. Every now and then one of them will crack and split, but then I just go to my globe stash and replace it. We've got globes all over this house and in the yard. I just got the coolest one ever ever ever and I can't wait to show you. Oh, well, you can see it in this post. It's laying in the middle of my new gravel path in that picture, but I've hung it in a tree since then and it looks sooooo cool. I want them all over the yard, hanging at various heights in various trees.
I want to be called "The Globe Lady." I think that sounds better than "The Crazy Lady Whose Whole Front Yard is Mulch," don't you? Lord knows what they'll call me once the chickens arrive.


  1. I keep looking for globes to no avail but I think you have a few in reserve.
    Old globes have the names of the countries when they were real. Like Siam,Persia nad Burma are long gone. Sigh.

  2. I love those old globes I see in thrift shops. I dream of having a globe collection when I am an old lady and there is no one to knock them down. wouldn't it be neat to have them with all the countries names?

  3. What a great idea! Fun to have something you can make spin in the garden. Even better to have several things you can make spin.

    Surfed in from Pam Penick's.


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