Thursday, August 6, 2009

What Peter said

Do you know this quote?
You've probably heard it as, "Second star to the right, and straight on 'till morning."
Did you know that Peter never says the word star in the book? Senor Disney added that for the movie. Can't you just hear a bunch of studio executives sitting around saying,
"You know, the children might not understand what Peter is talking about when he stands pointing at a star. We must tell them he means second star to the right."
Silly folks, those studio execs. Of course he means star. (By the way, did you know that Peter made those directions up on the spot just to impress Wendy? There are no real directions to Neverland, you must follow your heart.)
Anyway, I've been mulling over what quote to put on my house for about 3 years. We kept meaning to put an extra board up on the front of the house (not sure why, Jackdaddy just said it would look better and I believed him). Every time I would look up at that spot where the new board needed to go I would think that it would be a good spot for something. One night when I was reading Peter Pan to my son, I realized that I would love to put that Neverland quote up in his room. Then I realized that a quote would be a great thing for that spot. Oooo I was so excited by such an idea! It also took me about that long to find the kind of letters I wanted at an affordable price. Have you ever priced house letter? HOLY #*^#% ! Crazy, man. This quote was the first one I wanted, but when I started looking for letters I started thinking about all kinds of cool quotes that would look great up there. I went through lots of contenders before making my final choice.
If I had to choose one word to describe how I want my house to be it would have to be - magical. Barrie, when asked about Neverland, says that Neverland is simply the child's mind. A magical place where no grownup can go. A place that is different for every child. I just love that. I still have some of my child's mind, I do, I do. (I do believe in fairies!) I bet you do too.
I hope that everyone who passes by and reads the quote can remember that magical place still hidden inside them somewhere.
Or, if not, can at least get a laugh thinking I forgot to put the word star in.
Now, if I can just stand to wait one more week for the new windows! The prettier the new stuff gets, the uglier the old, ratty stuff gets.
And so it goes.


  1. Your quote was not lost on us, Michelle! We walked by one afternoon last week and it's just perfect! Being the mom of boys makes Peter Pan extra special, right? Totally.

    We're getting new windows mid-month! I can't believe we will finally be able to actually open them. HA.


  2. Great Quote. I was just looking at your pretty house and thinking it just needed new windows, and then you mentioned you were putting them in. I can't wait to see your house with the new windows. You guys have done an awesome job remodeling. -Lizzette

  3. Oh GOODIE, Hils. I'm so glad y'all recognized it. I know...little boys...sniff.

    Lizzette - I KNOW! Those windows. We had such hopes of keeping them when we first moved in. Now I just can't WAIT to get rid of them. I mean, they're just sieves and half of them don't work and they all have breaks in them. sigh. Thanks for stopping by...we miss y'all!

  4. Oh, Michele. I love the new quote. And I will say that even as a mother to girls, Peter Pan is special. It was one of the first stories the girls really grabbed a hold of, that and Mary Poppins. Your house is looking so fab and dreamy. When can we come and play? I don't even drive the girls by anymore because they will scream at me to stop even when you are not home. They are mermaid girls too, look for them at Halloween.

  5. I just love you so much and respect your creativity and love of life!

  6. Dawn...come on by, y'all! We always love love love to see y'all. And, yes, Peter Pan was my favorite fairy tale as a child and still is. Peter is whatever gender you need him/her to be, you know? I AM Peter Pan, in a way. I mean, I feel like that. Thanks for the compliments on my house. I'm loving it too. Wait till those windows go in. OOo la la!

    Erica - Ditto, honey!


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