Monday, August 10, 2009

Dancing the Tadpole Jig

Lookie! Lookie! We got 'em! We got 'em!

I think my friend, Erica (aka Robin Wright 'cuz she looks just like her), sent us good tadpole juju. She had just offered to bring some over when, voila!, we have some.

I could only get shots of a few of them because they flee like mad whenever I lean over. There are actually about a zillion. Smart little babies. They're so cool at this stage... their eyes are kinda wise froggy now and their skin is getting warty, but they still have that cute tail. We go out and check them every day. SO fun! I asked FinnigantheCurious if he wanted to start a notebook and record their progress each day. He replied, "Why Mama? We can just record it in our brains, we don't need a book." Spoken like a true child - totally in the moment. He's my personal tadpole; eyes of an old soul with a some little boy still attached.


  1. Mamholt, I love your's become the regular route for me and mine. Wish the pond was visible to the walkers by! Cheers!

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  3. Miss Cheryl, SO happy you charm my pad with your passing-by. Oh, it's teeny pond, but perfect for the poor wildlife. We put up that "compound" fence because we have an outdoor shower that we use a lot and we're putting in a hot tub. Ahhhh. I'm wildish, but not that wildish. Stop and say hi, I'll treat you to a cold Full Moon. Ale, that is.

  4. I wonder what kind of amphibians your little guys are...ours are Gulf Coast Toads. I also have an umbrella plant waiting just for your pond!

    "As you wiiiiiiiiiissssssshhhhhh......" "Wesley!"

  5. Ooo, how did you know?!?!! I'd love to find out what kind mine are. Thank you for saving me an umbrella plant, dearie. I'll get it next week, OK, Buttercup?


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