Monday, August 24, 2009

Love and Peace and Dirt

We were on our way to the farmer's market when FinnigantheCurious shrieked,
"Gross, Mom! Look at your feet."
This is hilarious because my feel always look like this. Why he chose today to freak about it beats me.
I try. I really do try to keep my feel cleaner, but it just happens.
See? I wear boots when I garden. Really cute, pink boots, to boot!
The problem is that I am so hard on gardening shoes that these boots (as well as the 3 other pairs) have holes and tears and rips all in them so the dirt gets in anyway. And water. And leaves. And bugs.
Sometimes I just wear whatever I can find. Now lookie here, I'm even wearing socks to try and prevent foot crud! I don't know why my feet get so bad, but my hands stay relatively normal. I wear gloves, but they're in the same shape as the boots, pretty much. Go figure.
Anyway, FinnigantheCurious told me I should DO something about my dirty feet.
Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? Isn't the mama supposed to tell the boy to do something about his dirty feet?
Well, I did something all-right. I took a picture.
So there!

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  1. HERE is where the dirty feet comment should have gone. Sorry.
    I really think you, Finniganthecurious and Jackdaddy lead a very loving life. Would that all peoples were that blessed.


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