Friday, August 14, 2009

July 2009 - Bloom Day (aka The Girls of Summer)

Isn't that so sweet and clever?
I was positive I'd have nothing to show today, but I sure did!
I'm so proud of all my girls. Such troopers in this horrid drought.
Here we go...
Sunflower, of course. Everyone's best friend; tried and true.

Begonia. Rescued from the overflowing boxes at Fuddruckers. She had flung herself on the ground in front of me in an effort to move out. Wild thing. She's a bit of a harlot with all that red in this heat.

Look at sweet little Oxalis that I have in a pot! This is part of the plant that I put on my Daddy's grave. She put out this lovely white flower just this morning. Hi, Daddy.

Lantana that would probably be HUGE if it were a normal year. Barely giving up some sweet yellow today. She's a tease.

Miss Pride of Barbados - kickin' ass and taking names. My kinda gal.


  1. Hey there! I am so glad to see your blog, I have been checking out your renovations. I LOVE the mermaid, the colors are fabulous. I hope to run into you in the neighborhood sometime!

  2. Oh, thank you! Mutual admiration club, then. Please stop by, I'd love to meet you. Isn't my mermaid sooo dreamy? Thanks for the compliment on her.


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