Thursday, August 27, 2009

How hot is it?

Would you look at this guy? Isn't that just the most hilarious thing ever?

I couldn't get a great shot because of the window screens. I didn't want to go outside and mess up his soak by scaring him off.

I use flower pot bottoms as water trays for the birds (and squirrels, obviously). At any garden store they carry these metal things that you screw to a wall or a post or whatever and you're supposed to put a flower pot in there so that it hangs down and looks nice. I just put the bottoms in it and fill them up with water 568,844,122 times a day.

It was all worth it when I saw this guy totally splayed out in there. Finniganthecurious and I were absolutely hysterical. After a while we would finally laugh ourselves out and walk away. Then one of us would wonder if he was still there and we'd go over to the window and fall apart laughing again. That damn squirrel stayed exactly like that the whole time watching us.

He's nuts about that spot, if you know what I'm sayin'.


  1. Thank goodness this little hot squirrel found a place to cool his cha cha. What a blessing you must have been to him.

  2. Oops, this comment should be on the next story but I feel the same way no matter where it shows up.


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