Thursday, August 13, 2009

And Goodwill To All

Yes, I am sick of saying that it's soooo you-know-what outside and I am sick of hearing others say it, and I'm sick of it being true, but it is true and because of that I would like to invite you inside today for a little peek at some goodies I got yesterday at Goodwill. While I was photographing them, I also decided to share a special spot in my home with you.
First, let me try to convey to you how much I love thrift shopping. I thrift shop when I have money and when I don't. Weirdly, I don't really like to shop shop. I really only like to thrift. (Okay, Okay, I might have a tiny Target habit, but who doesn't?) Thrifting to me is all that is good and right in the world. I love finding things that cost very little. I love wondering who had the treat before me and why they got rid of it. I love knowing that I am keeping the landfills less full (conversely, Jackdaddy's wallet less full too). I also know that my purchases are going to a good cause. A win-win for all of us except maybe Jackdaddy. No, really, he is very generous with his money. (He also knows that if I'm not at Goodwill I could be at Target or the bookstore which is much more dangerous to his wallet.)
Before I had a child I would browse for hours in thrift stores. Now it's more like a mad dash with my eagle eye and the promise of a treasure of his own that gets us through it all. Finniganthecurious is an outstanding thrifter, but he is only 5 and one can ask only so much of a 5-year-old. Yesterday we went to Goodwill in search of a battleship for him. (We've been playing tons of Battleship around here and it has prompted a desire for a toy one.) I found 2 great treasures as well as 2 Sonja skirts, a pair of delicious Sonja shoes and a crazy blue dress that made me buy her. Unfortunately, no battleship. (By the way, Sonja is a friend of mine, not a brand. She always wears the cutest skirts, shoes and dresses. These all look exactly like something she might wear.) They are all so extra pretty that we arranged for a babysitter this Sunday and Jackdaddy and I are gonna go out and have a date. Oh, I used to wear such pretty things before I became a walking spaghetti/smoothie/ketchup/snot stain. It was such a good haul I just had share it with you. (Well, I'm going to share the treasures with you, not the clothes because this is a home and garden blog, after all.) That, and because it's so you-know-what outside.

HOW cute is this little tray? It reminds me of being 13. I adore those big 70s pop art flowers. I remember going down to Burge's grocery and choosing notebooks for going back to school. I always loved the Peter Max ones best with all those wild colors and shapes. They just scream HIPPIE to me. And, being a proud hippie, I listen. I'll move it around for few weeks to see where it wants to live. Right now it's by my sink looking all sweet and housewifey with the Mrs. Meyers basil dish soap on it. It will be covered with crap soon and you won't even see it's flowery goodness, but, for now, I'm really loving seeing those colors and flowers all day. Kinda like being 13 again - without the anxiety, of course.

This, my friends, is an ashtray.
Some of you may be too young to remember these. People used to keep them in their homes, offices and cars. It is a place to rest and/ or put out your cigarette. Now, you ask, why would she buy an ashtray at Goodwill? Well, hmmm, how to explain? We have a patio, you see. Now, there is something about patios and Texas and summer and beers and margaritas or Topo Chicos that gives one an insatiable craving for "just one" cigarette. I know some of you might not understand that, being anti-smoke and all, but some of us, I'm not saying who, meandautumnchrisrobertmojennydaviddanamary, but you know who you are. At those time when the evil craving comes a calling, I thought it might be nice to offer an ashtray as an alternative to the dirt. We're civilized folk over here, don't you know? Even if we do break out a smoke "ever now and then."
(Don't worry, Mama. I'm just being funny. I hardly ever smoke anymore.)

This is the spot in my house that I was telling you about. It's my little kitchen altar. It sits on the ledge right above my sink where, as a stay-at-home-mom, I spend so much of my time. The silver tray was left behind in a house I rented once. It was sitting inside the fireplace with candles on it. That's what we do with fireplaces here in Texas - we put candles in them and pretend. That, or we crank up the AC as high as it will go and light a fire anyway, dammit. That's what my mama used to do. I swear it. Anyway, I just love this altar. I've got a mermaid and a Neptune because I love the sea and I'd just as soon be Neptune as a mermaid, thank you very much. There's my bobble-head dragon guarding his treasure. I do love dragons so much. That Stonehenge thingee was given to me by my dear friend and fellow Irish lass, Mo, because we both love the old magic. The charm reminds me of the magic and of her for a doublelovewhammy. That tiny silver heart frame holds an old photo of my sweet Daddy. The garishly colored bird is one of those bird whistles. You fill it up with water and then blow and it makes the cutest authenticish bird sound. Just one of my many, many, many saved corks with a lovely tree logo on it . This comes from a FANTASTIC and affordable Chilean wine called Palo Alto Reserve. Last, but certainly not least, my little owl family. I have no idea what they are really, but I think they look like baby owl faces and I just love them. I think they're 1/2 of some nut thing that falls off trees in this area. I collected them for awhile, but Jackdaddy kept knocking them off and over and under and mumbling under his breath so I cleared most of them out except this little family that you see way in the back.


And the crowning jewel of my altar?
Why my little bobble-head family, of course. I found a whole bag of them at my local Savers store. They just crack me up. We play a game around here where I'll ask them some ridiculous question like: Does Mommy look like she's 46? Then we blow on them and their little heads reply, "NO! NO! Not at all!" Finn will ask things like: "Do I have to go to bed tonight?" to which they reply, "HELL NO, Man. NO WAY!" It's all just so endearing and hilarious. Some of them have an ear broken off which lends to the silly factor.
It's just so hard to take a bobble-head with one ear seriously, you know.
They can be quite intuitive. They have a bit of fortune teller in them, I believe. I am thinking of opening a little fortune telling business actually. As a free trial, before we are overrun with business, I am offering free readings. If you have a question that you would like answered, please post it in the comments section and I will consult with them and give you your answer. Be aware that their heads only move side to side and not up or down - compose your question accordingly.
Please do NOT ask them if it's ever going to rain again, okay?


  1. I see a "thrift store" date in our future...

  2. I wanna see pics of your outfit! XOXO Danielle

  3. HaHa. I wondered who would ask first, Missy Corrick. I would, for you, ya know. kiss kiss.

    Oh, Erica, LET'S!

  4. I wanna see the outfit, too! And lord, you and I feel exactly the same way about thrift stores. I just adore them. And I *hate* to shop. But thrifting isn't really shopping, is it? Tallulah and I call it hunting for treasures. Have you tried Thrift Town on Manchaca? It's my fave. What's yours?


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