Monday, July 6, 2009

You know you're a real gardener if ...

you duct tape your gloves.
Also known by it's unofficial moniker - Duck Tape.
I got hip to this when I saw that a fellow gardener in my neighborhood had duct taped her gardening shoes. They were awesome. I couldn't wait to bust a hole in something so I could try it out. I swear it's better than a new pair.
Try it, Luke, come to the duct side. Ahem.

Did I mention that I loaded and unloaded a yard of playground mulch yesterday?
Did I mention that I loaded and unloaded a 1/2 yard of Sylvan Formula tree mulch yesterday?
Well, that's not exactly true. I stood by looking official while the lovely manboys at The Natural Gardener loaded it, but I did lay the tarp down and then cover it all up and put some more tarp on top and then put some heavy bricks on top of that. I felt like I loaded it and I sure as hell unloaded it.
Did I also mention that a yard of playground mulch doesn't cover *%&$?
I swear I stood in the back of our truck for HOURS unloading and all it came out to was this:

I mean, it's just nothing.
I was forced to go eat Mexican food and drink margaritas to recover from the disappointment.


  1. You're my kinda gardener! I scrolled down and knew who you were when I hit the mermaid painting on the garage...we're in the same hood! Thanks for visiting my site, swing by sometime! Happy Gardening!

  2. Hi Holts!
    Thx for stopping by Aurora. I'm big on wabi-sabi too; love what you've done with your house/garden. Everything's dried to a crisp here!

  3. OOoo, hello ladies! I love YOUR blogs so thanks for playing over here.

    YES, Cheryl, we are in the same hood and I'm a great admirer of your work too.

    Thanks, Libby! We're scorched too. Whinewhine.


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