Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To shed, or not to shed: there is no question

The Universe has a great sense of humor.
I mean, could you ask for a better punchline than me finding this cicada today?
Look at this thing! Look at it's superprehistoricoutofthisworld face! It's face is so cuteashell.
Stretching, growing, sliding, slithering, pulling, crawling it's way to something new.
There I was yesterday yapping on and on about my feeling stuck in my skin and, POW, there he was on the stroller this morning. He had a bit o' luck actually as he was stuck to the stroller tire and I almost wheeled right over him. I saw him at the very last moment and was able to stop in the nick of time.
Isn't it just the coolest thing ever to see him half in and half out?
And, ooooo, I could feel him pulling himself out every so slowly. It was amazing and creepy and awesome.

AND, if that little feat of the Universe did not impress you, our butterflies hatched this morning!!
MORE skin shedding.
I mean, really. I get it. I get it.

Aren't they wonderful?
I'm just beside myself with all of this shedding and renewal and rebirth.
I wonder what the new me is going to be all about?
Whatever happens I hope someone saves me from being squished by a stroller tire, gives me some sugar after I hatch, and for goodness sake, put me back in the wild as soon as possible!
P.S. I think it might r.a.i.n.
Don't say it aloud or you'll chase it off. That's what my mama always says. You can spell it, but don't say it.

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