Saturday, July 4, 2009

A sad morning in the garden.

We got the pond back in.
We made a terrible oversight by forgetting to put in a frog ladder.
We were all so, so sad to find this dead frog in the pond this morning.
I just cried and cried and cried.
I was so mad at myself because I know better. I've had this happen before with baby pools and it just breaks my heart.
The worst thing (for me, not for her, obviously) is that I spent all day yesterday visiting with this frog while I put the pond in. I moved some liriope in the morning and she popped out of one of them. I was just delighted to find her and I told her all day long how great the new pond was gonna be and how I was creating this whole oasis for frogs and birds. Then I went off and forgot to put some big rocks in it so she could get out.
I buried her in the liriope because she was happy there.
Now my eyes are all red and swollen and my hair is dirty and my frog is dead and I feel like climbing back into bed and starting over.
But it's the Fourth of July and we've got pie to eat and beer to drink and fireworks to watch and friends to love.
I also found two smaller frogs hiding in my garden bed. I'd never seen them before so I'm thinking that that was the Universe's way of telling me that life goes on.
And it does indeed.
Happy Fourth of July, y'all.


  1. So sorry, sweetie. I have been through very similar...knowing...forgetting...regretting. Love you!

  2. Very sad, but some how also very sweet that this frog got some good vibes from you before passing on. We could always try to transplant some of our tadpoles. I think we can spare some out of our MILLION (literally thousands).


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