Friday, July 17, 2009

The Pig's Name Is ...

Nope. That would be weird, even for me.

Lemme' tell you what happened:
Day before yesterday I was thinking about my Dad a lot. I was thinking about the stuff we used to do and the things he liked and didn't like and all the things I wish I'd done for him and all the things I wish I'd said (or hadn't said). You know, all those things that pass through your head when you think about someone you loved and lost. One of the things that I was remembering was how much my Daddy used to love to eat BBQ at this crazy place that sits way back in the woods right outside of Conroe, Texas.
We used to have a little saying:
"If you can find it, you deserve to eat it."

It's called Early's BBQ and the address is 14340 Shepard Hill Rd. Willis, TX 77318. I think they're only open on Saturdays and Sundays now. You should call first. The number is (936) 856-4645.
Old Man Early cooked BBQ there for so long that, I swear, you can smell the place long before you get there. (And gettin' there 'aint easy, trust me on that.)
Mr. Early is gone now just like my sweet Daddy, but his kids still cook that BBQ.

The next thing I'm about to say might rile you up. These are fightin' words in Texas, I do know that, but I'm gonna say them anyway:
Early's has the best chipped beef sandwich in all of Texas.

If you don't believe me just take a road trip some weekend and find out for yourself.
Drive on back in those piney woods and try to find it. Course, I guess in this day of GPS and IPhones and whatnots it won't be so hard to find. I say just drive to Conroe and start asking around like the "good old days." When (and if) you get there grab some BBQ, a freezing cold Budweiser and go sit out under the big trees and see if I'm not right.
And while you're there send up a little prayer to my Daddy. And one for my cousin, Ann, who used to love to sit out there too. Also, if you see our old friends (and Early's regulars), Kris and Michael McBride, tell them that I miss them.

In case you're still confused, the pig's name is Early.
This way I stuck to the pig theme, but I also get to think of my Daddy and the fun we had over there at that tiny BBQ joint in the woods.

Sorry 'bout the can of SPAM.

I'm sure I'll find another treasure by the side of the road and maybe we can all try to name that too. Thanks for playing along, y'all are so sweet.


  1. That's lovely. And after you've had him a while you can call him "Old Man Early" :-) Thanks for sharing your heart with us!

  2. Thanks, y'all. I may just call him Old Man Early, actually.

  3. oh i love Old Man Early for the name. loved your musings about your dad and memories.

  4. Love it...everything you touch seems to be infused with love...even a trashy peccary!


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