Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Peach Mouth

We got a peach!
Two, actually.
That is one more than we got last year.
We ate one and there is still one up there cookin'.
The first year we were here (this is our third summer) we saw one peach, but the birds got to it first.
This year I worked on the tree. I read. I pruned. I fertilized. I watered. I mulched. I communed with it.
And, lo and behold, TWO peaches for my efforts. I really was as happy with two as I might have been with ten.
I was dreading having to do something crafty like, oh, canning or making jelly.
(This is a joke.)

It's been such fun to watch the buds turn into flowers then into tiny peach babies then bigger peach babies then that unmistakable flash of color that catches the eye ...

Oh, hmmm, well, that's the flower from back in April. I didn't get a picture of the peach on the tree. I wanted to snatch it before the birds could eat it and then FinnigantheCurious snatched it from me before I could eat it.

It got eaten is the moral of the story.

I'm going out on a limb (pun, y'all!) and predict five for next year. That might just be enough for homemade ice cream.

Or a peach margarita if Jackdaddy doesn't snatch that from me.

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