Thursday, July 2, 2009

Only mad dogs and Englishmen...

go out in the midday sun. (Noel Coward)
My god, it's HOT. Had you heard?
But on Monday it rained!!!!
That's when water falls out of the sky and lands on the Earth. I know it's hard to remember, but you can Google it.
I know I am not the only Austin gardener who raced out of the house to garden in the middle of a monsoon. I did, for real, and I know there are more of you. I had some very sad Cigar Plants (Cuphea ignea, I think) that were getting way too much sun. They should put a label on plants that says: "This plant can live in direct blazing sun and needs no water, ever." That would be the only real investment for this particular spot in my yard. Drought tolerant does not mean *$&% here in Central Texas in July.
Trust me on that one.
Anyway, I got out there in the rain and thunder and dug those babies up. I found them a better home in the back beds.
Course, I cannot have two gaping holes in the beds that I can see from our bedroom so I was forced to go to the "nurserythatisclosetomyhousethatIdon'treallylikeandshallnotname" today and buy some Pride of Barbados (Caesalpinia pulcherrima). Jackdaddy was disappointed when I got home with plants. He thought the true Pride of Barbados was rum. He wanted to know where the bottle was.
I was out there at 2:00 pm today planting them.
I was hoping for a little heat stroke so I could make Jackdaddy go get me some of the above mentioned rum. That and a little mint and some soda water goes a long way on a hot day, y'all.
Here they are, looking so pretty and fancy:

I think they look so cool against the blue of the bottle tree.
Here's what else is blooming in this crazy heat:
Prickly Pear Cactus. I think it's Prickly Pear. It doesn't have those big spiky things, just invisible lasers that pierce your skin like a rabid fire ant. I prefer the damn big spikes, at least I can see them to pull them out.

Corn! I've tried to grow corn before, but every time I start reading about how you have to propagate them and ammonium nitrate and pH and blah blah blah, my eyes just glaze over and I have to lie down with a wet rag on my head (as my mama always says). This year I just threw some seeds in the bed, put some Natural Gardener fertilizer on them (because I had a bag and it seemed like a good idea) and I water them every now and then. Man, I really want some fresh corn. It's still growing. I'm not sure if I'll get corn, but considering that they're still alive, I
have a good feeling about it.

I know everybody has them, but they make me so happy. Sometime you should get Jackdady to tell you the story of me coming in the house sobbing and snotting and ranting like a madwoman because he'd mowed down all the sunflowers. He took that as a direct sign that he should never mow again and he's stuck with it.


  1. Your garden is so inspiring and beautiful. Do you get prickly pear fruit? I miss those. And kumquats.

  2. No, no fruit. Just stickers. I have blackberries this year though!

  3. Again...both Stephen & I have been hankerin' to plant some Pride of Barbados!!!! We just love the flowers and wispy-ness of them. It's not often that we can get a tropical looking flower to bloom in the middle of the Texas heat :-)

  4. Erica,

    Mine are doing really well despite being planted in JULY in Texas. I really love them.


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