Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's No Skin Off My Back

Cicadas on the fort.
Five of them here, but they're attached all over.
We used to call them locusts as kids. SO much more apocalyptic, don't you think? Locust is just a colloquialism though. They really are cicadas.
I like these guys. I know how they feel.
Lately I've been feeling like my own skin is too tight; like I need to peel it off and leave it on someone else's fort.
I know that some of it is the lack of rain.
I am a swamp girl from Beaumont. I just cannot go without rain for too long. I start to feel dry in my brain.
I also know that having my yard torn up for weeks and weeks makes me koo-koo.
Here's what happens around here - we save and save and we get some money together and ... wait, that's only sort of true. What really happens is that we get these teensy windfalls (like refinancing) and we go to "THE LIST."
Ahhh, THE LIST. It is both the bane and the joy of my existence.
If you have ever remodeled a house and/or yard then you know about THE LIST.
This last windfall knocked a bunch of stuff off that list.
Since we had the remodel money, we were able to hire people to come and do the big things that we cannot do like dig up driveways and pour new ones; cut down large hackberrys; pour a new porch and walkway in concrete. You know, big stuff that requires lots of folks and heavy machinery.
Lemme tell you, that is sooo intoxicating to have some guys come in and knock out a bunch of impressive stuff in a week or so.
But then they leave.
Then it is just us and our weekends and our monthly paycheck and everything slows way down, sometimes to a halt.
This is when things get hairy.
I can live with only so much chaos.
Jackdaddy can only work so hard.
And so we fall into the pit of remodeling despair which includes eating out a lot (mostly at semi-fast food places), the house being filthy (because why clean up if we are just going to spend all weekend traipsing in and out with construction gunk stuck to us?), staying up too late (trying to work as late as possible every night so we just might have a free second during the weekend to do something other than work on the house), being cross to each other (read all the above and tell me you wouldn't be cross), etc., etc., ad nauseam.
Quality freakin' problems, my friend.
Then, somehow, we catch our collective breath and say, "Lucky us."
Lucky us to have a home to remodel, a home to clean, food to eat, loved ones to be cross to!
We chose to do this. We really do love to do it.
Sometimes we just need to leave some skin hanging around and grow a new, grateful one.
I know this phase will get finished and we won't even remember how crazy it was.
Our house WILL be finished someday and I'm grateful for all of it.

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  1. We had Cicadas this year. It's the first time I've ever seen them. :)


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