Thursday, June 18, 2009

POW, POW, Y'all.

Y'all know I just can't go too long without doing SOMEthing to my house.
I've been twiddling my thumbs (while dying from the heat) just waiting for this whole GARAGE VS MAN episode to end.
Finn and I went to the The Dollar Tree to look for some Speed Racer cars and what caught my eye but some brightly colored cowboys and Indians.
Hmmm...what could I do with them?
I'd been thinking about putting some pirates all along the top of my fence line, but have had a hard time finding any that were reasonably priced. I'd prefer pirates, but a different warring faction will do just fine, especially at $0.99 per bag.
So, I glued them up there and they look just cuteashell.
Wasn't too long after I put them up that I noticed the squirrels and birds having a hard time on their "runway." Now, I love to watch my squirrels and birds. I spend countless hours (OK, minutes) observing them out my kitchen window. They run up and down that fence line all day long eating and drinking from my feeders.
I got to feeling all bad that I'd messed up their path. I was thinking about taking them down when I noticed a few had gone missing.
The squirrels were just powering right over them... knocking them down left and right.
As if the actual fate of the Indians wasn't bad enough, now here there were plunging to their deaths before my very eyes.
And so it goes in the land of wabi-sabi.
Maybe the pirates will fare better.


  1. You are fabulous. I adore you and miss you. I looooove your house and your projects. And feeling so much better about my silly little cottage and big garden. xoxo

  2. Oh, you are fabulou and I adore and miss you too. Wish you could come see the house live!


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