Monday, June 29, 2009

Death of a pond.

This cute little pond that you see before you is now upside down and empty.
(The cute little boy is still with us.)
Note to self: when you put the pump in the pond be sure to anchor down the end that puts the water in because, if you don't, one day the hose might pop out and then the pump will pump all the water out and all the fish you just bought will die and the hole under the pond will fill up and the pond itself will pop out of it's brand new home and you will have a big mess to deal with at 8 pm when you are really tired and hungry and wanting to go inside and eat and sleep.
Yes, the very same pond that we very recently spent hours and hours installing (digging and leveling and digging and leveling and filling and cleaning and filling and cleaning). It was so pretty for about, oh, 3 days. We were all so excited about it. We'd go out and check on it several times a day just cuz we liked it so much and were so happy to have it in, finally. Then the fated evening when we went out to a friend's house, stayed a little too long. I wasn't even going to go look at the pond because we were all so damn tired and grouchy and hungry ... glad I did. Poor Jackdaddy had to do an emergency rescue. There were actually a few fish left. I put them in the stock tank that had a few inches of water in it (and plenty o' mosquito larvae) thinking they'd be fine there. The birds gobbled them up first thing. Poor babies. Guess they were better off in that damn crowded tank at the fish store.
And so it goes.
We'll give it another shot this weekend.
I sure am looking forward to the Austin Pond Society's Pond Tour this year. Maybe we should wait until after the tour to put ours back in. I imagine I'll learn a thing or two on the tour. Like, how not to let your pump pump you dry, perhaps?

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