Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Large trash pick-up day (LTPUD) marvel.

You just never, ever know what you'll find on LTPUD, do you? 
Can you believe someone put her out on the curb? 

Isn't she just the most fantastic thing you've ever seen? 

We were on our way to Mandola's to eat when I saw her out of the corner of my eye. I thought she was someone sitting on the curb tying her shoelace, but something in me ole scavenger brain made me do a double-take. 

I insisted that Jackdaddy turn around (even though he and Finnigan the Curious were starving and grouchy) and it was a better score than I could have imagined! 

I think she's my very favorite thing I've ever found and you know I've found some good stuff.
The plot gets even thicker though!

We used to live across the street from a guy named Mike. 
One day Mike stops by and says that he knows the woman who made this statue and that she is actually a he (the statue, not the woman)!
Apparently, the artist used to date a man and it ended rather badly. 
This is her rendition of him (and her revenge, I assume). 

Isn't that just a HOOT? Typical Austin story, really.
We named her Drusilla. I can't bring myself to think of her as a he so, Drusilla it remains.
All hail Drusilla! Queen of the LTPUD scores!


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  2. I know she likes it a whole lot under the Mighty Oak on Ruth street, but Dru, baby, if you ever want to c'mon up to greenridge drive and groove with mamagray, who has had a thing for you since way back, when your sweet tush and gnarly claws and one freakishly large foot couldn't help but get the attention of one said mamaholt. Remember when we met for the 1st time? I caught your eye in the back of the Saturn in the hobbylobby parking lot . . .
    I know you feel it too.

  3. If ever she leaves me, I'll know where to go looking. I'll put her in my will to you, sweets, promise!


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