Monday, May 25, 2009

Excuse me, but there's a mermaid on your garage.

Is that not the ugliest thing you've ever seen? It's all-right, you can say yes. That garage thwarted us something fierce. Poor Jackdaddy had to live with this monster for almost 2 years before he got it up to speed. He actually leveled the *%&$ thing by himself! I swear he did. I hope I can find some pictures of him with wood planks shoved underneath the garage bottom and him with a sledgehammer. It wasn't pretty.
We still have big plans to tear it down and build him a big 'ole 2-car one with a floor that is level. Maybe someday we'll put that master bed and bath on top of it ... a tower for a stargazing, perhaps?
But, for now, it's looking much better.
(I promise to take more pictures after I've cleaned up all the ever-expanding pile of crap that lives on either side of it now.)

For those of you who've was not hard at all!
I borrowed a projector from someone on my neighborhood listserve (Thanks, Terry!) and just projected my image onto the garage. 
I swiped the image off the web (please, don't sue me). 
I outlined her with a big black Sharpie and then painted it in with glossy black paint.
Voila! A mermaid on my garage door. 
We're about to put a damn driveway and fence in front of her and she won't be for public viewing much longer. 
I'm kinda sad about that because so many people comment on how cool she is. 
I'm sure I'll come up with something else y'all can see when you walk by ... Hmmm, what next, what next?

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  1. How cool is your husband that he's chill with a mermaid? Very arty and funky. And thank you for not making her look like the mud-flap of a bigrig. ;) kat


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